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ayates 29-03-2017 19:31

Battery negative location on shunt for LinkLITE meter
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Notwithstanding the instructions for the Xantrex LinkLITE meter say to connect the wires exactly as shown, I was curious if it mattered to which side of the shunt the battery negative was connected?

That is, the wire originating from the second most right terminal on the meter "-", which is shown to be connected to the load side of the shunt.



smac999 29-03-2017 22:45

Re: Battery negative location on shunt for LinkLITE meter
are you asking if the shunt is directional? then no. it's not. it can be fliped either way. but all the wires will still be connected as shown. the placement of the wires is what sets the direction.

or based on that picture you are asking if if matters which side the shunt the battery monitor neg goes to? of course it matters. if it's on the battery side the power consumption of the meter itself is not being monitored or included. which isn't much draw but it's on 24/7 and will add up.

your question of "which side does battery neg go to" isn't a clear question.

I would get rid of all those silly screw connections and do it with proper crimped ring connectors and heat shrink.

ayates 30-03-2017 06:08

Re: Battery negative location on shunt for LinkLITE meter
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Sorry, I wasn't clear in my original question. I was wondering if the location of the wire circled in this version of the photo mattered.

However, I have answered my own question this morning. In its current (no pun intended) location, the power drawn by the meter itself will not be measured.

And yes, there are a number of other items in the wiring that should be addressed.



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