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SaltyMetals 27-05-2019 07:17

Re: Holding tank monitoring options?

Originally Posted by two-rocks (Post 2890150)
Put a gobius in this year - have yet to tell if it's full as we haven't filled it yet ;-)

It uses 'sound' - but not ultrasound. You can hear it when it checks the tank level - but can set how often you want it to check. I set it to never, and just manually 'ping' to check. It sounds like faint white noise for about 1/2 a second. Prefer not to hear that while sleeping.

Prior to this we had nothing to indicate tank level, a real $hit show as the holding tank vent is on deck ;-)

Did NOT want the stick on kind discussed in this thread. Have owned many RV's with them and I'll pass.

Hv been using Gobius for 2 yrs now. Recommended to me by a Scandinavian. Gobius is Swedish.
Wonderful bit of kit. I cant imagine how people manag their holding tanks without it. If you hv nothing then at some point the tank will overflow, block the breather and makes lots of unwelcome smell. If you use a system that requires drilling holes in yr tank then sooner or later you will get the unwelcome smells anyway.
Gobius? IMHO, best thing since sliced bread.

zboss 27-07-2020 15:56

Re: Holding tank monitoring options?
It sounds like the gobius only tells you if the tank is full or not - it does not tell you how full the tank is.

SaltyMetals 27-07-2020 16:14

Re: Holding tank monitoring options?
No, you are given three sensors. Idea being 25% , 50% , and 75% but you can decide where you put them. It is done w a 3M adhesive so once you hv stuck the sensor on that is it. No change poss. If I were to be doing it again I wld rather put the top one at 80 or 90% but what I hv works well. I know that once it reaches 75% there is only about 4-5 more uses left. Great system.

Howler 13-09-2020 09:22

Re: Holding tank monitoring options?

Originally Posted by SaltyMetals (Post 2344337)
Peg, i think you are the recognised guru when it comes to this subject ( I have read some of your stuff before elsewhere). I need a unit (plastic holding tank in a Jeanneau 43ds) and like the idea of the Gobius (Tankmätare för båt och fritidshus) which requires no holes in the tank with the sensors being attached on the outside. As posted by OttowW yesterday. You have not commented on this unit so far. Nobody else seems to have commented on this unit either.

do any of you guys out there have experience of the Gobius?

There've already been a few replies but I'll add the following as I just installed a Gobius Pro on a plastic holding tank in a Beneteau 41.1. I set it at a height corresponding to about 2/3 full, but that's a user choice. Also, if you're willing to buy more sensors, you can line them up vertically to have a more granular view. Several commented on exterior sensors being misled by buildup on the interior of the tank wall. I don't believe this will be a problem with the Gobius Pro because it sends and reads back a vibration signature, influenced by the hollowness of the tank vs. detecting what's immediately behind the wall like some of the other technologies.

You can optionally monitor the sensor with an included red/green LED that you wire to the sensor, via Bluetooth to your smartphone, or by connection to other third party monitors.

I tested the sensor by filling an empty tank with a hose through the pumpout port on deck. The sensor reacted as it should when the fluid level reached it. So far so good with the dockside test. But the first field test on a cruise wasn't achieved because the sensor detached and fell off! In spite of following the installation instructions, the adhesive just wouldn't hold.

In an earlier thread, someone suggested using acetone to remove the waxy substance often found on plastic tanks. I'll try that next. An extra two-sided adhesive pad is included in the box. Does anyone have further suggestions on how to achieve the best adhesion?

Anyway, preliminary conclusion is it's a perfect fit for your need, not too expensive and easy to install. I even operate it off of a portable 12V rechargeable LION battery pack. I didn't want to wire it into the boat until fully tested. That works fine. It only sips milli-amps in standby mode, and consumes a few more when it actually senses, but you set the frequency you want and it only takes a few seconds each time.

One suggestion... if you use the provided LED monitor, use male/female connectors that can be plugged and unplugged. On the sensor, put a male on the green lead and a female on the yellow lead and the opposite on the corresponding leads on the LED monitor. The reason for this is there's a documented hack needed if the device is locked to your smartphone and you need to reinstall the app whereby you disconnect the LED monitor, and "short circuit" the leads from the sensor. That's explained here.

SaltyMetals 13-09-2020 09:46

Re: Holding tank monitoring options?
I installed a Gobius sensor on the stinless steel holding tank in my Jeanneau 43ds. About 4 yrs ago. Works like a charm.

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