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tinysailor 05-01-2017 00:31

Our first coastal cruise hop
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After 18 months of beginning our 'learn to sail plan' after purchasing our boat and bashing about in Botany Bay at every opportunity we've been given, yesterday we completed our first little coastal cruise hop from Sans Souci (Botany Bay) to Sydney Harbour without an instructor aboard. Its been a great feeling.

We took a few good friends who all enjoyed themselves on the way up and got to practice reefing quite a few times, dodged a few container ships, gave everyone a bash at the helm and generally had an amazing time taking in the sites of all the beaches leading to Sydney Harbour, it's a beautiful coastline! Even with a few rain showers everyone couldn't stop smiling and nobody shouted, not once.

We made the decision to leave our toddler with Nanna for this trip, or rather Nanna told us her grandson was staying put while we got the practice in.

Unfortunately I've been removed from the boat this morning and taken to the doctors then home after getting a severe case of acute tonsillitis. The pain has been and still is horrendous, sipping soup through a straw is like drinking razor blades.

So tonight the other half gets to enjoy the delights of the Harbour with his best mate and a fully stocked galley while I wait for all the tablets to kick in. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I can get back aboard with our little guy, he loves being on 'daddy's boat'. Still, it's nice for the guys to have some time out too.

Thank you to all the CF's for all the inspiration, advice and guidance you have provided us with. Having a boat is a fantastic learning experience from tides and weather predictions, cooking on board, how to survive a toddler, VHF training, fixing and maintaining and how little water you really need compared to how much we waste. Being 'off the grid' is a pleasure :)

We'll continue to take baby steps and enjoy almost every minute.

Thanks and kind regards,


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weavis 05-01-2017 00:47

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
Feels great doesnt it... :thumb:

Sorry about the throat.... it will pass.

Jim Cate 05-01-2017 01:03

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
Tiny, so glad to hear that it was a good experience. I sorta remember my first coastal passage from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay on the west coast of California, and the euphoria was similar. Long time ago, but I bet that the high is still the same.

Keep it up, and more adventures await you... without tonsils to plague you.


brianlara 3 05-01-2017 01:06

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
Thanks TS. Great yarn well told.

redhead 05-01-2017 10:22

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
This trip will be one of the ones you remember when you're 80. There's something wonderful about looking at a shore you've driven many times, but not seen from the water before. I hope you have many more (minus the throat, of course)

SV Bacchus 05-01-2017 10:31

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
So sorry about the throat but trying to be positive I would say it is better to have it happen now than when in the middle of your next jaunt! Get well soon and get back on the boat!

MV Wanderlust 05-01-2017 10:50

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
Glad it was such a successful trip! Hope you feel better soon.

fred4936 05-01-2017 11:07

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
I'm glad you had a good trip, sorry to hear about your tonsils! Get well soon! My wife and I had our first coastal trip along the south of of Long Island in New York in our Tartan 27-2 last September. It was also a great trip, and we will expand upon that next season!

Tayana42 05-01-2017 11:24

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
Great memories for you both. The tonsillitis will pass into the distance behind you and the cruising will stretch into your beautiful future. Sounds as though you are fully hooked on the sailing life. Good for you.

navysurfer 05-01-2017 15:58

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
OK Here is a tip,, you have the beginning of a terrible,, wonderful,, disease of sailing and cruising. Your life will not be the same, please do not tell anyone about your symptoms, or they too might get the dreaded cruising thing.

P.S. just get a life jacket for the little one, my daughter has been sailing since she was just over a year, she really loved it, ha.ha.

God Bless, good for you, and have fun,


tinysailor 05-01-2017 16:41

Our first coastal cruise hop
Thanks everyone for your most generous and enthusiastic responses! It's been the best thing we've done so far :)

Our little guy has multiple life jackets and a proper marine harness. We strap his baby seat into a princess seat and away he goes! We've netted the boat too and the little guy's forward cabin has netting to keep him in as well, makes for a great 'safe space'. It's been wonderful to see his patience grow so quickly over the last 18 months, Casper will happily indulge on a 2-3 hour sail now as long as he gets a good ride on the dink and a play on the beach afterwards. We've only done this with him in confined waters so far and will probably keep this status quo for a good year or two longer. Makes it comfortable and enjoyable for all of us this way.

Thank you Jim and Ann, we have loved reading how you've travelled the east coast of Australia, maybe by the end of this year we will have enough experience and courage to safely make it from Botany to Pittwater and back :) Thank you for your inspiration :)

And thankfully after a good nights solid sleep and fantastic tablets, the tonsillitis has eased greatly!

Warm regards to you all,


Fore and Aft 05-01-2017 18:40

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
I still get that feeling every time I have been away from the yacht for a while and do my first sail. Hell even just getting out of the marina berth on a bad day can get the heart racing....
Do you follow the blog
Twice In A Lifetime
That's a great family sailing blog?

Happy Sailing

boatman61 05-01-2017 19:13

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
Good on ya.. :thumb:
Try Gazpacho..

Miz Pea 05-01-2017 20:27

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
God Bless ya, you're raising a sailor. That baby boy will grow up and feel the call of the sea for the rest of his life.

subie 05-01-2017 23:15

Re: Our first coastal cruise hop
From another newbie (5 years ) . Sail as much as you can but make checking and studying the weather like your second nature. No matter if you are a 1000miles away from your boat. Check the weather. :thumb:

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