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gjordan 13-12-2016 22:54

35 lb ABI plow?
Does anyone have actual experience with an ABI plow? I didnt even know that ABI made anchors. It seems well made and I like the fact that the pin can be pulled for easier stowage, but I dont know anyone that has actually used one. _____Grant.

Jim Cate 13-12-2016 23:00

Re: 35 lb ABI plow?
Grant,we had one on our previous boat, a 45 lb version. It worked like any decent plow: difficult to set in many seabeds, held ok once set. It's construction was quite robust, and when we replaced it with a Bruce in around 1987, we took it apart and stowed it as a spare.


gjordan 14-12-2016 09:43

Re: 35 lb ABI plow?
Thank you Jim. I am thinking I will keep it as a backup. I want a little larger for my main, but the 35 will be a nice spare. I like that it comes apart. At risk of starting another anchor war thread, the reason I asked was after spending close to 4000 nights using CQRs with almost never a problem, but a few months with an imitation plow (,Danforth plow) and having nothing but trouble with it, I know there can be great differences in similar looking anchors. Oops, having an earthquake got to go. Grant.

RobertLeask 20-02-2017 07:11

Re: 35 lb ABI plow?
My first experience with a "new generation" anchor was a Sarca which I bought in Western Australia because my CQR was just not working there. I recenly got a Mantus which is now my favourite with the Sarca in honorable second place. If you still own any pre 1990 anchors that simply means you haven't tried a new generation anchor yet.

After you've had a new gen type you'll agree that plows, bruces and danforths etc. should all be banned. The proper way to dispose of them is to take them to the scrap metal yard, after first cutting them up into little pieces so that nobody will attempt to anchor a boat with them again.

The only thing that keeps me awake at anchor now is that too many people are still using those old obsolete anchors, and I find it extremely aggravating to see someone anchoring upwind of me with a plow, or any other old gen anchor. If you own any of those old things, destroy it. Please do your part to stamp out plows once and for all, so we can all sleep better in the anchorage.

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