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sluissa 20-07-2008 15:34

Incredibly slowdown and moderate vibration of the outboard.
I took the boat out to try to sail a couple of days ago. Unfortunately the wind just died as we got out there so we drifted around for a while with the sail up trying to tell if we were moving for a while, probably looking like either idiots or incredible optimists.

As we were motoring out and back the engine had a moderate amount of vibration to it. Not just the motor vibration, but like some growth had occured on the prop to make it offbalance or possibly even that part of the prop was missing(not understandable since we just took it out a few weeks ago and it hasn't left the dock since then. unless electrolysis is much worse than I thought.)

Also, as we were motoring, it might just be the quite significant growth on the hull, but we couldn't get the boat above 2.5MPH(measured using a handheld GPS) In January, before there was any significant growth other than slime on the hull we were able to get up to 6-6.5 with motor alone and not too long ago, only a month or so, we were able to get 4ish under sail without any severe winds. We couldn't sail on this most recent outing, so no telling if it was just the engine or if the growth was just slowing down everything. I'll pull the motor and check it in the next few days, but I'm just curious as to your guys opinions.

Vasco 20-07-2008 15:46

Sounds like a dirty bottom and prop. Just a few barnacles on the prop can cause a lot of vibration. Take a swim and check it out.

Morgan Paul 20-07-2008 16:25

I agree with Vasco your hull has growth.

Unless you got paranoid and you were motoring against a strong current.

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