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GILow 13-09-2016 18:14

Favourite crew memories
Perhaps in counter point to a recent discussion, I found myself thinking of my favourite crew memories. There are many, and all have different significance, but I felt if I had to make a list of the top three they would be:

1. Being woken by my delivery crew, at a port stopover halfway home, with a freshly baked pizza in a box and a six pack of beer. What a crew!

2. Being phoned by one of the delivery crew a few months later to tell me he had volunteered to join a professional delivery skipper on a delivery from Bali to Perth because he enjoyed our journey so much. He wanted us to know before he told his own children.

3. Listening to the stories of travel and dreams for his own boat from a 20 something year old from Belgium as he joined me for a day aboard during his travels through Australia. Gave me hope for the future of the world to meet someone so young and full of dreams.

Maybe the third memory is more of a day guest than a crew member, but I think of everyone on board as crew, just with different skills.

I wonder if others have such positive memories they'd like to share, I feel like crew are getting some pretty bad press at the moment.


P.S. Might just sneak in a fourth, because it was kinda funny, and special. Watching a crew member/guest receive a phone call with a job offer while we were under way, and seeing his reaction after he finished the call, he whooped and hollered and danced a funny little sailors jig on foredeck.

JPA Cate 13-09-2016 19:16

Re: Favourite crew memories
Well, my best crew story is really a guest story, because they were so compatible, we had them stay with us for weeks at a tiime, average, about 5 and 1/2 wks.

We had invited them to join us in the Society Is., and travel through them with us to Bora Bora.

Three days out from Tahiti, our tiller pilot died, and we relayed this news to them via ham radio, because we might be late for the rendezvous (at the door to the Port Capt. office). As it happened, we arrived in time, and when they joined us (with their two backpacks and a carryon) we returned to the boat. They opened the carry-on when they arrived, and therein, for us, was a new autopilot!!! And they wouldn't let us reimburse them for it.

I feel so grateful to have such good friends, and so sad that their health no longer allows them to sail.....they were such good fun! :smitten:


zeehag 13-09-2016 19:24

Re: Favourite crew memories
lemme see... 1971, i was on a cruise to england scotland wales and danmark.

i was only one not seasick. that ships officer i dated for 5 days was awesome. got tours of entire qe2.......

oh i guess you meant sailing ha ha ha ha ha. what happens in vegas stays in vegas ha ha ha ha ha ha ha sorry i dont kiss n tell, as it were...

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