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Hereweare 05-09-2016 19:17

mast shortening
How difficult and costly is it to shorten a 56 foot mast to a 54 foot mast on a Hunter 336?

roverhi 05-09-2016 19:25

Re: mast shortening
Not that hard if you have a hacksaw and a whole bunch of StaLok terminals. You'll have to shorten all your standing rigging as well as cutting two feet of the base of the mast and probably have to raise the main boom which will mean a new/recut sail. Shouldn't be any engineering issues shortening the mast that small amount

UNCIVILIZED 05-09-2016 19:43

Re: mast shortening
I'm not sure why you'd want to, as it's insanely costly to try & add length back. Besides the fact that you both lose sail area, & alter the mast's bend characteristics. Which often means recutting the sails, or getting new ones. On top of altering the position of the boom/gooseneck, & vang. Changing the mast step, altering the deck chocking & support, changing shroud & stay length.

And if it's Hunter's version of a B&R rig, then you're playing with a huge number of structural rig variables which should be left to an expert rigger at a minumum. If not an engineer. As in a B&R rig you'll also be altering some very large loads created by the rig, as they're transferred into both the hull & deck. Plus the obvious tuning/shortening tips given in the other above post.

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