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Jack999000 04-09-2016 18:55

Sailing from aus to New Caledonia
Hi everyone
I'm planning to sail my jeanneau 34 to New Caledonia in 2017 in May. Some people recommend leaving from Coffs Harbour.
I was wondering what the best weather pattern is. On a forum is read that it is good to wait for a slow moving low around Sydney. What are people's thoughts on this? Bob Mc Davitt also gives regular recommendations as to when to depart.
Also what is the best way to travel with other yachts. Is there any particular forum or web site that may help?



donradcliffe 04-09-2016 19:28

Re: Sailing from aus to New Caledonia
I've left Moololaba on a low a couple of times, and ridden the westerly almost all the way. Coffs is a bit too far south for my tastes, and you can work SE from Mooloolaba if you think you are going to run into the trades. Mind you it takes a bit of patience to wait for the right low (three weeks one time), and you will be leaving with a stiff breeze (40 is my limit) up the bum..

Jack999000 04-09-2016 19:51

Re: Sailing from aus to New Caledonia
Thanks for that
If the westerlies change to the SE trade winds then it will be on the nose and sailing close hauled. Not a lot of fun if the wind strengthens.
Thanks for the input

Jim Cate 05-09-2016 02:45

Re: Sailing from aus to New Caledonia
We've done the Oz-NCal trip around a dozen times. We've left from as far south as Sydney and as far north as Mooloolaba. We've come to the conclusion that the optimum place for u s is Southport. We too wait for a low off the NSW coast, and anticipate one to three days of W'ly quadrant winds. We sail ~due East until headed, and then follow the gradual backing to the SE. Usually end up with a nice close reach into Passe Boulari.

However., we most often go in August or September, not May. That's still winter, and the frontal systems that sweep across the Coral Sea are a bit more intense, and the air and water are colder and not to our taste. And in general, the farther south you start out, the stronger any frontal system will be as it overtakes you.

However you decide to travel, enjoy your passage and cruise. NC has become one of our all time favourite destinations, and is usually an easy passage if you are patient!


Jack999000 05-09-2016 03:50

Re: Sailing from aus to New Caledonia
Thanks a lot for info.
My departure date is flexible so I may go a little later. I will wait for a good weather window and hopefully avoid any strong fronts, although they seem to be quite regular. I will watch the weather systems closely this year and try and understand them a little better.

Thanks again for your input

Akapeterc 05-09-2016 14:57

Re: Sailing from aus to New Caledonia
Have you looked at the sail down under rally website? They do a return rally as well

AussieCat 05-09-2016 15:23

Re: Sailing from aus to New Caledonia
Hi John. Here's a link to the "Downunder Rally" dept May 2017 from Gold Coast. This has become an annual event and may be of help. If I was going I'd go with these guys. Cheers, Roy.

knockabout 05-09-2016 17:02

Re: Sailing from aus to New Caledonia
high in the bight brings south easters /prevailing trade wind is south east/swell usually runs south east/great eastern australian current runs north to south/the swell on the east coast is higher in summer/so a big slow mooving high in the bight/ :biggrin:

david samuelson 05-09-2016 17:08

Re: Sailing from aus to New Caledonia
Don't jump the gun Jack. Some years ago there was a devestating cyclone went through New Cal in May. Many boats lost etc. David

Jack999000 07-09-2016 20:17

Re: Sailing from aus to New Caledonia
Thanks for that advice, I'd prefer to avoid all Cyclones. Even a remote chance of one.
The rally is leaving in May, I've heard the weather and water clarity is better a couple of months later any way


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