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D.R.D. 22-07-2016 21:38

What boats might fit these criteria?
I'm looking into monohulls, and know there a bazillion options. Even though I've read a bunch, and been aboard many, there's no way to be able to compare everything out there, especially since models change over the years.

Here's a list of the things I know I definitely want, and a list of desirable options (of course many, if not most of the "desirables" can be aftermarket upgrades).

For sure:
-A monohull that can comfortable cruise with 3 adults and two children. Potentially sleep two other adults for shorter trips as well.
-A seaworthy, blue-water vessel
-Preferably 37-42', but 44-46' can be considered if it's "the right boat"
-Fiberglass hull
-I do not want a full length keel like an Island Packet, Morgan, or Cape Dory
-6'-ish maximum draft (no centerboards or retractable/movable keels)
-I'd prefer a skegged rudder (or maybe a partially skeg-protected rudder)
-I prefer aft cockpit, but may consider a center cockpit if it's roomy enough
-I'm not opposed to Ketch's or Yawls, but prefer sloops
-Cutter rigged would be nice (to fly a genoa/gennaker/ asymmetrical spinnaker)
-Room on the stern to attach dignhy davits (so, probably no folding swim platforms unless some sort of arch can be attached)
-Minimal to no wood on deck (for ease of maintenance)
-Yanmar engine (at least 40hp)
-L-shaped galley, or another layout that is usable when heeled over
-Master v-berth that reaches both sides of the hull, so can be used as a sea berth when heeled
-full-standing shower that is separated form the head by a glass door of some sort. Not just a curtain, and I hate the heads that are also the shower, getting everything wet.
-Electric, fresh-water capable heads.
-Preferably two heads
-Good windlass
-Forward facing nav. station (if possible)
-NO in-mast furling mainsail (In-Boom-furling is ok)
-Good amount of storage: Water, fuel, stowage, galley supplies, refrigeration/deep freezer
-Ample energy banks, or ability to easily add more

Desirables / upgrades :
-Updated electronics, Auto-pilot, radar, AIS, radio, etc
-Hard dodger, high enough to see through when standing at helm. Most cut my view right at my eye-level. (I'm 5'9")
-Solar panels on the dodger
-Dinghy davits
-Water maker
-Possible in-boom furling main and electric winch, but this one would be a real luxury, not a necessity
-Life raft
-Dinghy & outboard
-Double helm would be cool
-At least 4 winches

And all the usual stuff: No blistering problems, solid standing rigging, well maintained, good history, common parts easily attainable for repair, no corrosion, yadda, yadda...

As for price range, I'm looking for proven, well maintained boats, so probably not new. I'm ok with a 15-20 year old boat if it meets the criteria. So, that may help gauge price-range, depending on how many of the "desirables" it already comes with. I've seen potential candidates anywhere from $60-200K USD. Obviously, a good deal is always welcome. ;-)

Thanks in advance all & smooth sailing!

valhalla360 22-07-2016 23:13

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
3 adults and 2 kids....37-42' boat are incompatible requirements. Even your larger size range is going to be problematic. You are probably up around 50' if you don't want to be completely on top of each other and it will still be cramped when your 2 guests are with you.

Of course a 50' at $200k is probably going to be a fixer upper.

If you aren't wedded to it being a mono, a cat in mid 40' range with 4 cabines would probably provide the accommodations and you can probably find an older one near the upper end of your price range. Of course, many of your requirements change or are no longer applicable.

Celestialsailor 22-07-2016 23:27

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
Probably the reason no one is jumping on this request is, it has been posted by others umpteen times.
Here is a sight from a knowledgeable guy who has cruised extensively.
Mahina Expeditions - Selecting A Boat for Offshore Cruising
Hopefully your sailing knowledge criteria matches what you are looking for.

dlymn 23-07-2016 00:17

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
I was going to suggest a SO43DS but in mast furling, sorry. The SO43 is the same design apart from the DS and is usually cheaper. The convertible cabins make it a real winner. Best bang for the buck IMHO. In mast furler cuts 1/2 knot off top speed but allows the sail to be deployed completely in 15 secs. same for rewind. Need about 15 kg of pulling strength to fully deploy. can get jammed as do in-booms and hoist ups. Shame about your rules.

reed1v 23-07-2016 08:47

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
For about $850,000 you can get a nice 46 foot Oyster. Otherwise, stay with the cheaper Hinckley southwester. Have you actually sailed the type of boat you seem to want?

Chalifour 23-07-2016 09:04

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
Totally agree with Dlymn. Our ship is a Jeanneau SO 43DS 2003. Built between 1999 and 2005 they are roomy with convertible 3 to 2 cabins including full width stern master cabin. I believe you can find a 4 to 3 convertible also. Aft cockpit. 2heads/full standup shower. L shaped galley. Lots of storage. Classic full batten sails. Options you are looking for can be found/added. Price is in your range. Many units were used for charter so check it out as they may be damaged. Ours was privately used only, so in good condition when purchased in 2011. Have a survey done and take her fora good sail test. Good luck.

D.R.D. 23-07-2016 09:40

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
Thanks for all your replies!
I'll look closer at that Jeanneau. I've been aboard one like it at a boat show.
I'm quite familiar with Mr. Neal's site Mahina, thank you. Been to one of his and his wife's seminars as well. Great people.

In fact, I asked him about open water cruising on Jeanneau's, Benateaus, Hunters, etc. Here was his reply:

"I have listed boats that from my 35 years and 250,000 miles experience
have made good, safe and comfortable offshore passage makers.

Hunter and Jeanneau may be popular production boats, but these boats were
designed as coastal cruisers and charter boats. When pressed into serious
offshore use, Hunters have become quite famous for losing rudders.

Jeanneaus are slightly better built, but their short keel (fore and aft
measurement) means that they do not heave to or forereach in storm
conditions. Although attractive for dockside living, these boats were designed for Med cruising, not for extended passage making."

By the same token, I've met captains that have solo circumnavigated on Jeanneaus, and know that more Bennateu's have done so just by their sheer numbers. I guess it depends on how you sail her and what conditions you run into.

I've heard of Hinckley, but never been on one. I'll need to look into those.

With 3 cabins, I see no reason 5 people can't comfortably sail on 40' boat. Done it many times. We're all family, so we are used to each other ;-)

As for cats, I've looked into that, and already know which models and designs interest me. In fact, they are my first choice, but the one's I'd be satisfied with are currently beyond budget.

Thanks again, and if anyone else has recommendations, I'm all ears! (or, I guess "all eyes" since I'm reading this ;-)

Steadman Uhlich 23-07-2016 10:09

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
The following is written in a friendly and sincere tone of voice. :)

Welcome to CF!
I see this is your second post in the forum.

That is quite a shopping list you have!

When you find the perfect boat that meets all your wants, come back to this thread and post what it is, which "wants and needs" you gave up, and how much it cost to purchase. It should be enlightening. :)

Good luck on your boat search!

D.R.D. 23-07-2016 11:03

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
Thank you - I will!

I just figured since I already have an idea of what I want, it couldn't hurt putting it out there to a much larger community with experience. Im sure some of you have seen/sailed something that might fit, that I haven't seen or heard of yet.

So, I welcome any input. Cheers!

michaelratinter 23-07-2016 11:46

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
My Bruce Roberts 44 meets most of your requirements and handles well. I found mine in Los Angeles offered by the original owner/builder. The design of Blind Faith was modified from the original center cockpit to add an additional fishing cockpit aft. I love it! You might want to add the Offshore 44 to your list.

Captndave1 23-07-2016 12:17

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
What you describe is a Cabo Rico 45, a great boat off shore as well as lots of room for the people you describe. I have sailed a CR 45 in 78 knot winds in the North Atlantic storms and felt completely safe and reasonably comfortable considering the circumstances.

Cheechako 23-07-2016 12:34

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
3 adults and two kids I think you are into at least 45 ft if 2 of the adults are a couple. Plenty of long fin and skeg examples out there. Hylas, many Perry types; Passport, Valiant etc.

Celestialsailor 23-07-2016 13:25

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?

Originally Posted by Steady Hand (Post 2172724)

When you find the perfect boat that meets all your wants, come back to this thread and post what it is, which "wants and needs" you gave up, and how much it cost to purchase. It should be enlightening. :)

Good luck on your boat search!

Yes and feel free to do the same...:flowers:

D.R.D. 23-07-2016 13:28

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
Thanks! Great suggestions. From what I can see so far, some of the Passport aft-cockpit deigns come close to what I had in mind. I can't find much in the way of floor-plan layout images online, however.

Ded reckoner 23-07-2016 14:10

Re: What boats might fit these criteria?
An in-boom furled main costs around $40K or more, so I doubt you will get this in your price range. If it's not objectionable sleeping on the settee (table lowers to enable a queen), I would recommend you walk through a Sparkman & Stephens Nauticat 43. Most are ketches but a couple are sloops. This would meet most of your requirements.

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