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Ray Perry 02-07-2016 16:45

Kerosene/Paraffin stove
I have a Taylor (UK) stove (20+years) and I need new burners. Tried new units from manufacture. Two sets and both no good. Any help or advice re replacement or conversion would be greatly appreciated. I am able to do any conversions.

tkeithlu 02-07-2016 17:15

Re: Kerosene/Paraffin stove
Blakes still makes the entire Taylor stove/oven; is that what you've got? They also make a propane model that appears to have the same dimensions. If you are thinking conversion, have you got a place to put a drains-over-the-side propane box? Propane is a bunch more hassle-free once you've got a safe installation, but it's not a simple drop-in because of the bottle. In the long run, I suspect that kerosene stoves are going the way of alcohol stoves.

Ray Perry 02-07-2016 17:50

Re: Kerosene/Paraffin stove
Thanks for the reply. I want to stay with kerosene. I hope to find replacement burners that burn clean and last. I am very happy with the existing stove except for the burners.

PommyDave 02-07-2016 23:14

Re: Kerosene/Paraffin stove
When I was a lot younger, kerosine camping stoves were mostly made by two companies: Primus and Optimus. You might see if you can find any parts made by those guys.

CarinaPDX 02-07-2016 23:59

Re: Kerosene/Paraffin stove
Here you go: Optimus original 207 Regulating Burner Kerosene new [Optimus original Kerosene burner] - $90.00 : A & H Enterprises, A & H Enterprises is the only North American service center for Optimus and Svea stoves. Apparently the real deal - original Swedish burners.

Or buy the new German version, very high quality but a bit more expensive.


Ray Perry 03-07-2016 03:06

Re: Kerosene/Paraffin stove
I have used the Base Camp burner before but they were made in India (crap) and I noticed that their new ones are of a different brand. I will give them another try. Thanks for the effort.

PommyDave 03-07-2016 03:28

Re: Kerosene/Paraffin stove
Just remember, you need some methylated spirits alcohol to pre-warm the heads of your kerosene stove burners... and the same thing with the kerosene storm lanterns (called Tilley lamps in Australia). The kero can be lit if you place some string in it as a wick, but then it burns black and sooty until the burner gets red hot. Then it burns hard and clean.

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CarinaPDX 03-07-2016 19:26

Re: Kerosene/Paraffin stove
I assumed that you are experienced with maintaining the burners. Just in case not, in my experience the burners have a very long life and can be rebuilt many times, provided the service parts are available and the basic castings don't have leaks. The key is to break them down completely and remove the carbon from the inside - particularly in the ring-shaped evaporator at the top of the burner. It takes time and patience, and a suitable solvent. I have tried both oven cleaner and carburetor cleaner, with the help of pipe cleaners, but soak time and frequent replacing of cleaner seems to be the key.

I keep a supply of spare parts, which has been invaluable. The various seals need regular replacement, and occasionally even the caps and spindles have to be replaced. I have been able to clean out orifices with a fine wire (they used to sell a tool with a short bit of wire attached). Probably the most replaced item is the little rack with a wire on top (pricker) - I should probably work on a way to just replace the wire in the future.

Good luck. The German burners do look nice...


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