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GordMay 25-03-2005 06:58

Gulf of Aden Passage Plan
Submitted by Richard Donaldson-Alves -

This Plan is not for publication, but for issue to Yachts following a specific request.

"Passage Plan" ~ Salalah to Djibouti

The majority of pirate attacks on yachts have taken place in a relatively small area, known as the "Gulf of Aden - Piracy Gauntlet Box", a 3000 sq. nautical mile area bounded by the coordinates 13̊ 05' North <> 13̊ 55' North x 47̊ 45' East <> 48̊
45' East.

The centre of this "Box" is at 13̊ 30' North x 48̊ 15' East, about 80 nms South West of Al Mukalla - bearing from Al Mukalla 220̊ true.

"With the recommendation that yachts avoid going to Aden for refueling etc. when leaving Salalah, a passage plan to head for Djibouti instead, is suggested for consideration :-

Leave Salalah - 16̊ 57' North x 54̊ 00' East 130 nms to
1st waypoint - 15̊ 00' North x 53̊ 00' East 278 nms to
2nd waypoint - 12̊ 30' North x 49̊ 00' East 178 nms to
3rd waypoint - 12̊ 00' North x 46̊ 00' East 60nms to
4th waypoint - 11̊ 45' North x 45̊ 00' East 118 nms to
5th waypoint - 11̊ 40' North x 43̊ 09' East 7.5 nms to
5th waypoint - 11̊ 37' North x 43̊ 07' East
Djibouti Anchorage.

Total 771.5 Nautical Miles.

Minimum Lights during passage - best is an all round white at cockpit level - ie: fishing boat lighting. (Watch out for big ships, then deck Nav Lights)
The majority of attacks (excluding the last one of 8 March*) take place on the weekend.

Richard Donaldson-Alves

* See also:

delmarrey 25-03-2005 21:12

Maybe someone should send in their own pirates to take care of the little bastards.

Any one want to start a pirate fund?

After all, there must not be any law in that area. So, vigilantly would be the word.

GordMay 30-06-2005 09:56

From Noonsite -

Update On Gulf of Aden Piracy:
... We have obtained a permanent email contact for the 5th Fleet Headquarters, US Navy in Bahrain. This is the only place we have been able to determine that yachties might be able to contact to request an escort next year through the Gulf of Aden. The only other thing is for everyone to contact their representatives from their country and try to put pressure on them to give help to the yachts passing through this area. No one else seems to have any other suggestions. The French and the Germans appear to be doing most of the patrolling in the Gulf of Aden so their help is particularly important.
The email address is: CUSNC-BAHRAIN Fleet Watch Officer:

See also:

Piracy Reports 2005:

Note: Several sailors have written to Noonsite recently to point out that the piracy situation is not as bad as believed, and the few isolated incidents should not be blown out of all proportion. For a balanced view, we urge anyone interested in the subject to read the following two reports:

Sailing From Asia To The Med Can Be Trouble-Free

False Perceptions Of Piracy Against Yachts In Asia

Alondra 31-08-2008 00:59

Going to Djibouti instead of Aden? Why?? Aden has been very goo to us and is a perfect place to stack up end refuell! And, that way you stay closer to the safe coast of Yemen instead of heading over closer to Somalia! Head for Aden, stop at Mukallah, half way from sallalah and than make a long day, through the strait of Bab el Mandeb on to Assab in Eritrea from where you can head north....

Curmudgeon 01-09-2008 08:08

I was in Djbouti many years ago and it was an absolute hellhole. And I bet it hasn't changed much. I would not go there on a bet.

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