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sailorboy1 20-06-2016 10:32

Hatch & Port Shades
Anyone know of a manufacturer other than Oceanair for hatch/port shades? Anyone know of a manufacturer of port shades that will work with either the port open or closed?

sailorboy1 27-06-2016 14:07

Re: Hatch & Port Shades
no one I take it

JPA Cate 27-06-2016 14:34

Re: Hatch & Port Shades

Not sure whether you're more interested in ventilation or privacy.

The concept may not suit your use, but to have both shade and port opening, I have seen exterior scoops made. The ones I saw had a forward rectangular "mouth", shaped from small diameter rod, the sunbrella slid over that, and then was snapped above and below, and aft. I believe they were home made, but not a difficult project. The virtue, of course, is that they are little wind scoops.

People work out solutions, for privacy, including curtains, which can be slid back and secured or pulled closed and secured (snaps or velcro). Thin white cutting board material makes a translucent shade for keeping out bright sunshine, and will stay in place when opened if cut carefully enough to a tight fit (all that holds it is friction on the hinges and knobs), providing privacy, but not air scooping.


Dallasron 02-07-2016 07:56

Re: Hatch & Port Shades
Yep,,,,go to Outland Hatch covers. In Texas I need to keep the sun out and these are perfect. James is great to work with and they have held up great. Surface mount so they work with any pattern you give him. We have them on the aft cabin hatches to keep it dark in the morning. They also protect the acrylic from crazing. Here is a pic and you can see them on the aft hatches.


Ndavies 02-07-2016 08:45

Re: Hatch & Port Shades
I will also be looking out for responses - we have interior "fan-fold" shades that are ready for replacement. We have a lot of them, so it will be pretty pricey and I need to get it right the first time!


zeehag 02-07-2016 10:40

Re: Hatch & Port Shades
i found some springy linkage cable material and home depot sun screening and made my own. open or closed these are awesome perfect for bugs and sun.

many times it is easier to dream it up than it is to find already made, which does not exist.

JPA Cate 02-07-2016 20:26

Re: Hatch & Port Shades

many times it is easier to dream it up than it is to find already made, which does not exist.
Boy, zee, you got that right, but some folks are just not DIY inclined! Go figure.


Hudson Force 04-07-2016 13:28

Re: Hatch & Port Shades
We've cut pieces out of the automotive reflective windshied screens for our fixed ports in order to keep the heat down in the summer. Many don't like having the sunlight blocked, but when we come down from the bright cockpit we like it dark and cool below. Our cost for these came to about one dollar per portlight and an easy scissors job. Cut close to the recessed inside shape they seat with friction.

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