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texpie 03-06-2016 16:06

Survey of a Manta 40
This week we will be surveying a 1998 Manta 40 for a couple of crazy liveaboards. The crazy part was implied by everyone we told but we are moving forward anyway. We have a great surveyor but just curious if there are any problems we should look for on a vintage Manta. We are so excited about this endeavor but we are interested in any potential problems we should be wary of on the 98 Mantas. We have researched a lot of boats in our price range and Mantas were at the top of our list. Any ideas for detailed inspection are appreciated.

smj 03-06-2016 16:22

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
Is the core nidacore or core cell? Though the design may be dated, I consider it light years ahead of what is now being generally produced.

texpie 03-06-2016 17:04

Re: Survey of a Manta 40

Dave852 03-06-2016 17:51

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
Look for water in the core, if that's not to bad everything else is manageable. The ball connectors that connect the shrouds to the mast were a weak point but 1998 may not have original rigging. Nice boat, hope it surveys well for you.

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Adrenaline 03-06-2016 19:30

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
I also had a great surveyor but he still missed several obvious things. Way to much to go through in 8 or so hours and he worked his butt off. I planned on sticking right next to him to learn more about the boat but soon realized it was best to let him do his job without me on his shoulder. If he is good, he will call you over to show you things (good and bad). Verify he will go up the mast to check the rigging, most do not, but mine did. If you are familiar with boating, it's best to do your own inspection and go all through the boat.

One BIG thing I would do. List out EVERYTHING you expect to be part of the deal and take pictures and have them attached to the final contract. I bought my boat 1200 miles away and when I got back after the deal, the owner removed A LOT of items that were to remain and I had no real recourse to get them back. (he even took the life jackets)!

When you're buying a boat away from home, every little thing counts regardless how cheap they are. It all adds up fast.

PS: still figure on a easy 10k after you buy it..

JasonS 04-06-2016 15:25

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
Congrats on your Manta decision. We purchased our 1999 Manta 40 about 2.5 years ago. We couldn't be happier!

Well built boat that will take you anywhere. We are in South Florida and hoping to retire in next several years so we've slowly been prepping ourselves and the boat and doing a bit of coastal cruising, the keys and Bahamas.

Nothing extraordinary in the survey. Obviously if standing rigging has not been replaced in last 7-10 years, it's likely time.

The Manta owners forum is an awesome resource. Use it once you buy the boat. If you experience an issue, guaranteed someone else has as wel and they can save you big $$.

If you have questions fee free to send us a message or look us up on Facebook or Google.

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texpie 05-06-2016 03:54

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
Thanks for all of the comments! Items noted

Dulcesuenos 05-06-2016 07:09

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
Have a good surveyor who signs a contractual agreement and one who's credentials you can verify, not a fuzzy picture on their website, and has E&O insurance. If they fail to do any of these Id find another surveyor

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valhalla360 05-06-2016 08:50

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
Ask for a sample copy of the survey to see exactly what you are getting. I recently got burnt by this when the surveyor never bothered to include any pictures. Things worked out in the end but will never recommend that surveyor to anyone.

AD28 05-06-2016 09:11

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
I see your name as 'TEXpie' and the best multihull surveyor is in Port Aransas, guy's name is Mike Firestone.

He's hard to get 'cause he's so busy, so call now, and yes, he's worth flying in to wherever your boat is

FSMike 05-06-2016 18:40

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
+1 on Mike Firestone.

SVNeko 05-06-2016 18:48

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
Mark Cole (Colemj around here) is the guy you need to talk to.

waterdog 05-06-2016 23:33

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
We just purchased hull number 46. Loving the boat. Lots of issues came up on survey, nothing specific to the model, just general condition related issues from a distant owner.

We did have some strange things in the bilges. Poor condition of hoses, a head feed pump that should not have been below waterline, loose switches for bilge pumps.

A good surveyor should pick up any issues.

Enjoy your new Manta!

texpie 06-06-2016 03:28

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
Appreciate the recommendations for Mike. We have scheduled our survey with a surveyor out of the Charleston,SC area(Neil Haynes). Neil was highly recommended to us by multiple sources. I specifically wanted someone that would go up the mast and Neil goes aloft.

The boat had a very good survey last June and was given an overall vessel rating of Above Average condition by Jonathan Sands. As we all know a lot can change in a year with boats approaching the 20 year mark.

Excited! - Apprehensive - Trepidation

I want this boat to be "THE BOAT" but the survey will help a lot in making the final decision.

AD28 06-06-2016 06:19

Re: Survey of a Manta 40
Mark Cole no longer participates in CF.

He can be found at Sailnet, I think he has the same nick

this is his blog site Travels of s/v Reach | East of the Equator | M&M

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