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bcguy 28-05-2016 16:49

BC coast
Radio reception up here is absent far enough north so I am looking at Sirius. I know nothing about satellite radio. I do want a small simple gizmo to listen to basically one radio station. On board I have a Panasonic Tough Book notebook, Bose blue tooth speaker, 2 deep cell 12 volt batteries and a 1000 watt inverter. If I buy one of Sirius radios do I have enough for the system to work. I have hear I would also need a stereo system which I don't have and will not get. My boat is steel hulled 36'... Thanks in advance

TJ D 28-05-2016 17:35

Re: BC coast

I'm presently at 58n 170w, and am using a Sirius/xm radio, and have for years out here. We have to use a directional antenna this far NW, but you will have no problem with a standard omnidirectional antenna where you are. I transit through SE Alaska and BC regularly, and Sirius works well.

Power use is no more than a car stereo. You'll be fine on all counts. Enjoy.


DRS 28-05-2016 18:10

Re: BC coast
I have Sirus / XM on the boat and have for 7 years now. Rarely have an issue getting stations. I have mine run through a 12 Volt "car" stereo and run that on the Aux in setting. Happy with everything except the subscription pricing at $ 191.88 for the year.

We need some competition in this market

jdazey 28-05-2016 18:26

Re: BC coast
We used XM, now Sirius/XM for years in BC and SE Alaska. You'll lose the signal if you're too shaded by mountains. Otherwise it worked well as long as they have what you want to hear. We used it to get Mariner's games.


Stu Jackson 28-05-2016 18:36

Re: BC coast

Originally Posted by DRS (Post 2131368)

We need some competition in this market

There used to be:



Guess what happened?

Stu Jackson 28-05-2016 18:53

Re: BC coast
Used to be that radio was a necessity, because of limited space for, gulp!, cassettes. I never could get my phonograph to work on the boat! :)

But then they came up with CD-ROMs. I have a 10 disc player and years of music.

Then they came up with this iPod thingy where ALL of your music could be held in the palm of your hand.

I have S/XM in our car, 'cuz my wife likes the comedy channels when she's alone in the car, and when we're together all that's "allowed" is "mellow yellow" stuff. When I'm alone I play the handful of CDs I have stashed in the car.

Point being, with iPods, what use (need?) is S/XM at all? Especially if reception is questionable. A serious (pi!:)) question. Just curious.

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