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captainjay 28-04-2016 11:21

So I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a folding prop. I go this back today from Flexofold and I am trying to decide which way to go.

"Thank you very much for your inquiry.

With a 3JH4E, 39/3000 ( gear reduction ratio 1:2,36 ) we would recommend a 3-blade 17x13-3R propeller for your Oceanis 40. Though if you would like to perform better in reverse we would recommend a 3-blade 18x13-3R this will though cost you app. 200-250 RPMs in forward."

This is on a 40 foot beneteau with a 39 horse yanmar and a 30mm shaft. Anyone have any real world experience.


nauticalnomad 28-04-2016 13:45

Re: Flexofold
Dont get a Gori folding propellor what ever you do..
I had one and after 4 years the vulcanized rubber in between the inner sleeve on the shaft and the outer prop blade setup failed upon going astern and i lost the lot..
Apparantly this rarely happens so Gori inform me but to keep me sweet offered me a new one for cost price.

In my international travels i have met a number of people and marine mechanics that have come accross this happening..

Sadly none of them must of told Gori.. LOL

ausnp84 28-04-2016 13:51

Re: Flexofold
Hey Jay,

Fitted 2 x three blade Flexofold props last year to our twin engined ketch. Very happy with them; well constructed and we noticed quite an improvement in acceleration, but slightly longer stopping distances. Got an extra kt at half RPM with the new props as well.

All in all, would definitely recommend.


JPA Cate 28-04-2016 14:43

Re: Flexofold
We installed a Flex-o-fold 3 blader 12 years ago. Very satisfied with it.


sailorboy1 28-04-2016 15:50

Re: Flexofold
I've had a FOF for the past 6 years and it has been fine.

I personally wouldn't chose the reverse model. I find my has just fine reverse performance, better than my last boat that had a MaxProp that is suppose to have better reverse performance. But on the other hand how often do you use the last 250 rpm in forward.

Littlechay 28-04-2016 18:43

Re: Flexofold
I won't comment on the sizing which is what I guess you are really asking about other than to say that when I got a new prop Flexofolds recommendation seems to have been spot on.

Very happy with mine, a two blader due to budget constraints It gives a good account of itself in ahead but slightly worse than my old fixed three blade prop when it comes to stopping as you would expect. Definitely helps the sailing performance in light air.

Very well built piece of kit.

hugosalt 28-04-2016 19:15

Re: Flexofold
Very happy with my 2 blade FOF prop, thinking approx. 8 years now.
With normal recommended size reverse is excellent.
Mine is installed on a saildrive, did not trust myself to install originally, so had yard do.
Upon haul out after first year, felt i was lucky not to have lost prop.
I reinstalled, using tab washer supplied with prop originally left in box, and some red loctite
(the kind your not supposed to use.) As said still going strong.

ausnp84 29-04-2016 00:27

Re: Flexofold
Actually that's a good point - I advised my engines (not obscure brand, but not common), FOF advised sizing and they were spot on.

The one thing for us was our proper taper is longer than standard, so the large hex nuts didn't initially fit perfectly (the prop could slide back & forth 1/4". I took the nuts to a local metal man, he put them on the lathe and dug out a notch, fitted perfectly after that.


captainjay 29-04-2016 16:43

Re: Flexofold
I pulled the trigger today and ordered the prop. I will post a review after it is installed.

sailorboy1 29-04-2016 17:18

Re: Flexofold

Originally Posted by captainjay (Post 2109436)
I pulled the trigger today and ordered the prop. I will post a review after it is installed.

which one did you order?

captainjay 30-04-2016 03:49

Re: Flexofold

Originally Posted by sailorboy1 (Post 2109449)
which one did you order?

I went with the 17 x 13

malbert73 30-04-2016 05:39

I have one as well. Much more efficient in FWD than the feathering prop on my old boat. Less drag and chance of snagging pots. But significant worse in reverse. I figured for me reverse is least important domain. Of course, my yanmar gearbox stupidly is 2.17:1 in FWD, and 3:1 in reverse which worsens the situation...

In short, love the flexofold....

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robert sailor 30-04-2016 06:35

Re: Flexofold
We have a new Flexo fold prop and I find the product to be well made and very efficient. I did have less than a steller experience in dealing with the company on their suggested sizing for the engine.

sailabroad 04-05-2016 14:04

Re: Flexofold
Have the 3 blade on a beneteau 40 2008, reverse is very average. Received excellent customised technical advice from the company..

captainjay 07-07-2016 04:46

Re: Flexofold
So I have had the prop on the boat for a couple months now. We just did two weeks from St Thomas to St Martin, Anguilla and back to St Thomas. Due to wrong or light winds we did some motoring.

I could not be happier with the new prop. The boat motors faster and sails faster. Gave up a little in reverse but that is very manageable once you practice with it. The company was spot on with their advice on pitch and diameter.


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