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VieuxMalin 21-06-2008 10:53

Moving across harbours and cities
Hi folks,

I am about to take a hard decision: what is the right gear to go from my boat to the city? And when I need to go for shopping? Or going to say hello to another sailing mate docked 300 yds away?

Was thinking about an electrified skateboard, or should I look for an electrified bicycle? A tricycle, with a box for the goods? What trade mark?

Anybody wants to share his/her own experience?

linnetwoods 21-06-2008 11:36

300 yards? Unless you need a wheelchair, what's wrong with walking?! No, seriously though, the problem with an electrified skateboard might be what to do with it when you get there... How would you secure it, I wonder? I don't know what the answer is but I'm certain that a tricycle might be a little difficult to stow if you wanted to put it on board and take it somewhere with you... We have tried folding bicycles but they got rusty really fast. Now we walk or call a taxi if it really is too far. How about ordinary inline skates? It will be interesting to see what other people have found as a solution. Good luck with finding the right transport.

GordMay 21-06-2008 12:13

I’d recommend good footwear for walking, a backpack for carrying purchases, and cash for bus fare when traveling further than 3-4 miles (your mileage will vary).

The average walking speed for men is about 3.5 mph, and for women about 3.0 mph. At 3mph (88 Yards/Min), you should be able to walk to your mates boat in under 3.5 minutes.
As out of condition as I now am, I would expect to “stroll” 300 yards in under 6 minutes.

VieuxMalin 21-06-2008 12:47

Ok, I apreciate the fact that I am not used to US measures. I should have written 300 meters, rather than yards? :D

Anyway, that distance was NOT the point. The point was moving from the docked vessel towards the downtown, or even across the ENTIRE city, or maybe also the surroundings! That's ok now? :D

I was looking at those "folding electric tricycles" that can fit inside a huge storage unit in my boat. However, even if it is built with steel, I am not sure it could take the aggressive environment that is the sea. It is very expensive, so I am not that convinced about it.

Yes, snickers, rollerblades are much cheaper, easier to store and more healthy as well. I will think about it.

As I said before, the more people write their own experience, the better.

Pblais 21-06-2008 14:15


I was looking at those "folding electric tricycles"
Folding bicycles are somewhat popular. As far as electric powered devices go I don't see them as anything more than another thing to rust and give you trouble. They have less range than something you pedal. If you can't pedal that far then don't go. If you need a long trip then rent a car when required or use public transportation.

The powered vehicle of choice is clearly the dinghy. Between the engine on the boat and the dinghy you don't want any more engines to deal with other than perhaps a genset. So that would say a maximum of 3.

Hud3 21-06-2008 14:30

Good advice from Paul.

Here's another observation. What you choose to do for transportation ashore in large part depends on where you will be cruising. You list Sardinia on your profile. I don't know the Med. But I do know the Chesapeake Bay in the US, and the eastern Caribbean.

In the smaller towns along the Chesapeake, I saw a fair number of cruisers with bicycles. Some were the folding type that you can stow onboard; others were "loaners" from the marinas they were berthed in. Otherwise, transportation was your own two legs or maybe a ride from a friendly local. Very few taxis or buses. In the larger towns, like Baltimore, you can walk, taxi or bus.

In the eastern Caribbean, you can usually walk anywhere you need to go. In the few spots that you need wheels, you have the so-called "dollar buses", 15 passenger vans that may cost a bit more than a dollar, but they go almost everywhere. They're a great way to savor the local environment and meet some local people. Taxis are widely available, too, but are usually much more expensive for locations off the bus routes or for when you want a vehicle to yourself.

Cruisers on bicycles are a rarity in the Caribbean, and my guess is most of them are dead, run over by the "dollar buses", who careen around at incredible speeds. :devil:

VieuxMalin 22-06-2008 01:58

Paul, Hud, thanks a lot. Your points are reasonable and valid.
I'll agree that another piece of gear like a folding bicycle, or tricycle is destined to be forgotten in a deep cargo hold and covered with rust.
The taxi, or bus thing is acceptable but it costs money (at least in the italian med).
Since I am leaving those shores, it maybe more affordable in the caribe or other parts of the world. However, in my experience, it is seldom found that your docking is even far away from the nearest bus stop. Therefore, I think that the best way is to take a salomonic decision:

No electric gear (bicycle or tricycle), but yes to a good, sea-ready, aluminium, folding bicycle. There are tons of them in the market, quite expensive sometimes, but worth of a closer examination.

GordMay 22-06-2008 02:26


Originally Posted by VieuxMalin (Post 174681)
Ok, I apreciate the fact that I am not used to US measures. I should have written 300 meters, rather than yards? :D...

FWIW: For the purposes of this discussion, a meter and a yard are nearly equivalent (1 yard = 914.4 millimeters ~ 1 meter = 1.094 yards).

VieuxMalin 22-06-2008 03:27

Thanks Gord :)

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