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Vancefish 31-03-2016 19:16

I need to add 13" to live aboard.
Yep, I found a marina that allows live aboard. However only if your boat is 35 feet long or more.

My 1977 Peterson 34, is actually 33.92 feet long. So 33 foot 11 inches roughly.

So, I could add a bowsprit, but do I need a bowsprit? I'm not sure, because I've never sailed the boat yet. After I get her re-rigged I might decide that's a good idea but,..??

Another option was a Swim Platform. Which I have a pretty good idea of how I could pull that off. But I hadn't planned on 13 or more inches.

Lastly would be some long dinghy davits. I do have a 12 foot Newport that I believe weighs in at 265lbs?

The thing is,.. I'm trying to do this on the cheaper end. I want to move out to my boat after 2 years trying, but needed to find a legal slip.

So for two years, I've pored money into a Stove, Exhaust, Natures head, Garmin GPS, the dinghy and outboard. Then nearly $10K on slip fees and traveling back and forth to Colorado where I work.

Now I need to make the boat beautiful for an inspection at the live aboard marina, AND add 13 inches to live on her. :banghead:

I sure do love her though!! :thumb:

SURV69 31-03-2016 19:23

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
you need either a nice bowsprit or an slightly raised, elegant poop-deck added to the rear, with some nice ornamental wood work ... I always though adding a poop-deck would make a thirty-ish boat look very unique

skipmac 31-03-2016 19:24

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
Before you get too deep into boat mods are you sure the overall length will be the criterion instead of length on deck or design length?

skipmac 31-03-2016 19:27

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
Quickest, easiest, cheapest way to add length would be a swim platform. Buy one on eBay for a couple hundred, bolt it on (using suitable backing plates on the interior) with a couple of SS brackets. Done!

gdavids 31-03-2016 19:32

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
Tell them it's a Peterson 35 and find a long anchor to put on the roller. If you present yourself as a desirable tenant, they almost certainly won't quibble about a few inches. This is assuming the boat {and you) look well maintained. Good luck. Be polite.

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Vancefish 31-03-2016 19:34

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
5 Attachment(s)
Here's a pic or five. Nothing great on the bow, but enough to see it.

Oh and I bought three (out of four), Lewmar 55 ST winches, that still need to be installed.

Vancefish 31-03-2016 19:37

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
Yea,.. Here's to the next trip being a productive deck work trip. I have a lot of glass repair experience, but I also have a lot of crazed gel coat, and a few delaminated areas to repair before I paint.

She definitely needs paint!

Schooner Chandlery 31-03-2016 19:39

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
Bowsprit with nice anchor roller.

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c3po 31-03-2016 19:48

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
Haha, I like the advice of "tell them its a P35"

Ive been known to fudge an inch here or there....

newhaul 31-03-2016 20:45

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
My marina measures overall and with that anchor and pull pit you should be just fine. Also the fact that you have a " composting" head usually is a positive to allow fudging of minor stuff like a few inches.

Vancefish 31-03-2016 20:55

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
Thanks Newhaul, It seems like most go by overall. The Pull pit does stick out a bit past the bow. I'd guess 9 inches, and I hadn't really noticed that!

Last year on my second trip out I had a Head stink issue. The plumbing wasn't that good. The black water tank had a huge crack after the vent had clogged on the previous owner. So it needed some serious work, and would "fart" if you used it. As soon as I read about the scent reduction from the composting head, I bought one! It was a great decision too. Huge stowage gain. No toilet stink, No plumbing or clogs. It's a dream addition for sure!

newhaul 31-03-2016 21:03

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
Another idea would be a retractable spinnaker sprit.

roverhi 31-03-2016 21:32

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
Adding davits would be blasphemy for a Peterson 34. It would send Doug to his grave if he found out.

A retractable sprit is a great addition for flying an Asymmetrical Kite or other reaching sail. With the overhang of the anchor and pulpit, you are probably pushing 35' for most marinas as they go by length overall. Unless they measure just the hull, tell them it's a Peterson 35. Add a self steering vane and you'll never have to steer with the sails up again if you need a bit more length.

Vancefish 31-03-2016 21:45

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
Awesome reply Roverhi! :thumb:

I would agree with you on the davits! lol

The wind vane is in the back of my mind. Rigging first!

I'll have to look into the retractable bowsprit. I have never seen one.


Three Sisters 31-03-2016 21:59

Re: I need to add 13" to live aboard.
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This might get you there. Don't laugh, because I have no idea if this is proper hardware for a sailboat. It extends and retracts but there does not seem to be a lock to keep it horizontal. Wouldn't that lend to alot of rattling around in seas ? Attachment 121817

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