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bobsadler 16-06-2008 23:13

working jib
i am intending to purchase a "working jib" to hank on the inner forestay (solent stay). the boat came with a roller furling 135% genoa.

the sails will not be flown together (i.e. not as a cutter)

has anyone got any recommendations as to what % the working jib should be (i.e. 70%, 80%, 90% etc) and what the fabric weight should be?

there will be a separate storm jib.


sestina 17-06-2008 00:11

I suggest you talk to your sailmaker. I've had good results with #4 genoas on both fractional and masthead rigs sized at 85% hoist and 85% of J. have the clew highish, so you don't scoop water.

eyschulman 18-06-2008 19:42

If your boat is a 42 ft masthead rig you will need relatively heavy high quality Dacron 8-10 once will depend on intended wind range and use and how high aspect of sail is. If you wish to fly over 20 k need extra reinforcements corner, seams. hanks etc. you will have to decide on battens or not- yes=more roach and sail area and better overall shape-no = some hollow in leach- in general consultation with a good local sail maker will get best results

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