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ellida2 19-02-2016 17:12

panama to Morocco
I am looking for an expeienced ocean sailor or an experienced couple to sail from Panama to Morocco in late April via Colombia, Jamaica, Burmuda, Azores. The boat is a Sigma 41 and there is ample room with for and aft private cabins with heads. I have other crew comitted but would like a máximum of 4 crew including myself.

metrobeale 20-02-2016 02:10

Re: panama to Morocco
Hello !

PM send,

Best regards


Rauljohanna 20-02-2016 07:40

Re: panama to Morocco
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Consider us. We are available and very flexible.

In addition to motor yachts I have 2 years experience single handing a 32' O'Day
in the Caribbean and US east coast.

I have strong engineering and Johanna is very capable and motivated.

Please email us if you have any questions.

Raul & Johanna

RJV3958 at Gmail

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giacomo.manzoni 25-02-2016 08:31

Re: panama to Morocco
Hi Timothy! I'm a student of economics just graduated, available and extremely motivated for your trip! I've sailed with centerboards for 4/5 years and I always wanted to gain experience from a serious crewing. I know that maybe should not be enough for this kind of trip but I'm a good listener and fast learner and I'm sure this would be a good experience to start.

Please email me if interested:



King Food 29-02-2016 12:16

Re: panama to Morocco
Hello Captain

I would like any and all information you might have in crewing for you and or others you might know as most of my time has been strictly commercial fishing and pleasure / racing. I will be completing my masters this spring and will have a sailing endorsement as well.

I am a positive man of many accomplishments ready to take on any challenge given and yes always with a smile. I am a true team player ready to expand my skills back out on the place I love, the ocean. I am a lucky father of two young adults that are happy and healthy and now on their own. I am sure you would find me more than adapt at any situation, bringing honesty and integrity to all I endeavor in this life. I Started out sailing / racing sunfish and lazier at age 7 moving up and on to local racing out of Hempstead harbor S.C. G.C. yacht clubs, first aid/ CPR certified N.Y. State Ocean Life guard Jones Beach 1982-83’, 1988’-1997’ sport fishing out of Hillsboro Florida, 32 foot Sea Ray and deep water Scuba certified running 28 foot Allman dive boat, 1st. Mate Carrol Ann commercial longline fishing the Yucatan to the banks out of Dayna cut Hollywood FL, Now sailing the east coast 1999’ to present, 2012’ on my 28 O’day, lasted race J-44 Vineyard race etc. And now USCG OUPV Capitan and slamming chef nick named King Food resume please email below.

thank you.

Paul Kramer


robmo 02-03-2016 14:13

Re: panama to Morocco
I'm curious as to why you wiuld sail from Panama to Columbia rather than sailing from Panama directly to Kingston Jamaica. Columbia would be a beat, whereas Jamaica would be at worst a close stahbahd reach and more likely a beam reach. Sailing to Columbia first may ensure a beam reach, but you'd need to get the crap knocked out of you to make your easting. I just made the trip from Cartagena to Panama on a cruise ship and the wind was howling on ouah stahbahd quahtah all night with 15 foot breaking seas. Anyway, just a thought. I may be available for part of your run to the Atlantic if you're interested. I have >5000 offshoah miles half of which was gained in 2013 and more than 40 yrs of sailing experience. I've owned more than a dozen boats. Hope to heah from you

Scott Morris

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Markus Friedric 14-03-2016 13:45

Re: panama to Morocco
Good Morning.. My Name is Markus Friedrich. I am 27 Years.. born in Germany. I m travelling since about an year. Started in Canada and after a good time i made my way down to Mexico .. This is about one year ago.. Im intending to continue my travel further trough central America in the coming Weeks and. Around May. June .. July i feel driven to return back to Europe.. Where i am even flexible in time an location.. I just want to round up this beautiful adventure with a fine ending. In anyway im agog with curiosity to experience and learn about a live on the open sea. So im offering my best commitment to the crew and would be geared to assist in any way. Beeing in good pyhsical conditions, sociable and quick on the uptake im very confident to become a helpful part in any situation..

A little bit to my person.. I studied and worked as an Architect and just recently i picked up on my Work again and designed some Houses in the Area of Lago Atitlan. I am travelling at the moment with an Argentinien Friend who is an Architect as well. We setted up kind of a nomad Office and work and travel trough Central America.. Besides I enjoy good food and love to cook. I like to play and listen to music. I enjoy good conversations .. I'm open minded and like to share thoughts and experiences. I like to read and learn, my curiosity knows very few boundaries... I drift like a tumbleweed, but have a clear course for my life. In general i like to take it easy and live simple.. .. Please feel free to contact me for further situation.. With best regards Markus ..

King Food 14-03-2016 15:51

Re: panama to Morocco
this sight said you had made a reply .. but I do not see it ... could you please sned to my email address below.

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