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USVI Bound 04-02-2016 19:36

USVI Livaboard Questions

My wife and I are about 1 year away from moving to the USVI to livaboard a small used catamaran. The USVI will be our “base” where we will spend most of our time at anchor or on a mooring, and then explore from there when work and schedules permit. We both have jobs that can be done remotely. To that end, we have a few questions. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

1. Moorings. How difficult is it to get a private mooring and how long does it take? We are hoping for a spot near Water Island. Does the DPNR allow the transfer of private moorings?

2. Internet & 4G. We both have jobs where reliable internet is a must have. We will likely switch to ATT and pay for internet by the gigabyte. Neither of us need to stream video, so I am hopeful we can keep this in check without breaking the bank. How reliable is ATT for 4G internet in VI?

3. Hurricanes. How difficult is it to get past the lottery for a reserved spot in Hurricane Hole on St. John? For those that do not have a reserved spot in Hurricane Hole, where do you go when a named storm is knocking?

4. Insurance. Who are the best VI contacts for livaboard insurance? We will luckily not have a boat payment with a bank mandating insurance, but still do not want to go uninsured! Is livaboard insurance ridiculously expense if you do not vacate the “box” every hurricane season?


GordMay 05-02-2016 05:59

Re: USVI Livaboard Questions
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, USVI Bound.

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