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Kevinhailes 31-01-2016 17:49

Lagoon 450
Has anybody had a problem the steering on a 2015 lagoon450, if I am beating to the wind in say a 20knt wind and try to tack the yacht will simply not go through the wind as the helm just goes solid, I have tried depower the main and also the traveller neither maker any difference, I have the same problem also when jybing, I am doing something wrong,

DavefromNZ 02-02-2016 11:55

Lagoon 450
No, I have not had that problem. What do you mean by "goes solid"? Do you get full or restricted travel of the wheel? I presume you mean with auto helm disconnected?

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Kevinhailes 02-02-2016 13:54

Re: Lagoon 450
Autohelm definetly off, the yacht simply will not turn when there is pressure on the main, this can be a bit disconcerting for guests on board when we are approaching a coast line with the wind just aft of the beam and when we try to jybe to port the yacht simple goes straight, the helm goes very heavy and you have to really fight to keep it from going to starboard to the point where I cannot hold the wheel,
I don't know if it makes a difference that the configuration is that of the rudder is in front of the sail drive. Which leads to me to another point of not being able to lock the wheel when going stern to, it's nearly impossible to hold the wheel with both engines in reverse

boom23 02-02-2016 15:00

Re: Lagoon 450
Never had or heard of this problem... Contact your dealer.

When backing up, I have one hand on wheel and one hand on throttles. All sailboats I've sailed act the same way.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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Kevinhailes 02-02-2016 15:31

Re: Lagoon 450
I understand the process of going stern to and having to hold the wheel,
I have skippered a fountain pajot for the last three years before the lagoon,
While going stern to with the pajot I could lock the wheel and manoeuvre solely on the engines, with the lagoon this is impossible unless you have a spare person to hold the wheel and a strong person at that, after having the lagoon for six months I know which I think is the superior yacht in many respects and it is not a lagoon 450

Catopia 02-02-2016 16:15

Re: Lagoon 450
To deal with the weak locking mechanism on our L450 wheel, I just tied a short line to the Bimini base near the wheel. Whenever going astern or maneuvering, I lock the wheel and tie off the line to the wheel. Problem solved.

I had only one occasion where steering was non responsive and the wheel felt locked. After a night sail from SXM to BVI, I was a little ahead of schedule so I rolled up the Genoa in light winds from astern to slow down. As I was approaching Round Rock, the wind picked up and the force on the main turned us without my being able to correct. Instead of fighting it I turned with it, tacked around and let out the Genoa and carried on. It sure woke me up and I now always have some jib out when sailing down wind.

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PaulinOz 02-02-2016 18:07

Re: Lagoon 450
1st Post "if I am beating to the wind"

2nd Post "with the wind just aft of the beam" and "it's nearly impossible to hold the wheel with both engines in reverse "

Is there any point of sail where you feel the wheel is responding in a normal manner.

Have you tried tacking or jybing with the auto helm to see if that works.

Does the boat steer OK under motor only, in the forward direction at full RPM speeds. ie 7 to 8 knots.

"don't know if it makes a difference that the configuration is that of the rudder is in front of the sail drive"
The only time this may make any difference is when under motor, where the sail drive is in relation to rudder makes ZERO difference when under sail.

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