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diliruslupus 31-12-2015 16:49

Boom Piece For Yankee 26
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I recently purchased a Yankee 26. At the time of the purchase, the owner pointed out this piece on the mast-end of the boom that would need to be replaced or welded. I would rather replace than weld. I would be very interested if anyone has one , or knows where I might locate one.

Jim Cate 31-12-2015 19:31

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
The odds of finding a replacement are pretty bad, but any competent welder can repair that simple fracture with ~100% original strength.


Terra Nova 31-12-2015 20:02

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
That boom fitting is not unique to the Yankee, but can be found on many boats of that vintage. There are suppliers who specialize in new old stock, vintage rigging parts.

I don't have as much faith as Jim in finding someone to restore this to original strength. That casting was probably heat treated, which will be adversely affected by even the best welder. Though that might be a last resort.

GordMay 01-01-2016 04:00

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, diliruslupus.

sanibel sailor 01-01-2016 04:32

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
try RigRite. They bought up old stock on lots of spar manufacturers

Spars Main Page

sanibel sailor 01-01-2016 04:44

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
Kenyon D Boom Section

design looks same, possibly Kenyon, need to check dimensions against spar section

George DuBose 01-01-2016 08:48

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
Rig-Rite Inc. - Masts, Booms, Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats.

roverhi 01-01-2016 10:11

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
Have it welded and toss that bolt and nut which are probably the reason for the fracture in the first place. Replace with a pin and cotter pin that won't allow a ham fisted individual to compress and break the fitting. A weld won't be as strong as the original casting but should be plenty strong.

If you look closely at the Kenyon part, it is not the same as your fitting. The Kenyon part uses a stainless piece to attach the boom to the mast, yours is an all cast fitting. You might try LeFiell as a possible source of the part. They were the major west coast spar maker back in the day. After all these years wouldn't expect much, however.

B-Baysailer 01-01-2016 14:06

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
Try Dwyer mast they have some that might be close

bsurvey 02-01-2016 14:16

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
go on the web site for minnies Newport beach Ca. they have tons of that stuff that are take off from other boats they deal in used equipment parts and fittings

Cheechako 02-01-2016 14:24

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
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That is cast aluminum, and welding will likely not yield great results. Although it can be done.
You could have one fabricated out of wrought aluminum with a little thought. It appears to me that the part that attaches tot he gooseneck is bolted onto the broken part.

But even easier yet.... that appears to be just the part that the mainsail tack attaches to. I can visualize cutting those broken pieces off the fitting, and deburring.
-Then make a Stainless steel strap (~1" x 1/8" x long) that wraps around the boom, with a pin at the top to hold the sail tack.
-See that SS eye bolt on your goose neck? Get one of those long enough to go thru the boom top to bottom. Add a good clevis to attach the sail.

AKA-None 02-01-2016 15:09

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
Yeah, you're not going to get that to weld with any strength. Best to look for a replacement, re-fabricate the tang and bolt to the remaining cap or worse case would be to have a part machined.

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bruceb 03-01-2016 20:52

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
I might have one in good shape, but I need measurements to tell. There are several sizes that all look the same.
PM me

diliruslupus 04-01-2016 14:32

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
Hey, Bruce. Thanks for the response. I just measured the fitting today. The boom is 3 1/2" in diameter. The square area around the fitting is 1 1/4" x 1 1/4 ". Let me know if you find something. And thanks.

bruceb 04-01-2016 18:13

Re: Boom Piece For Yankee 26
Sorry, mine is very similar, but is for a smaller 3" diameter boom. If you don't find one or repair yours, ping me, I will be at a local boat recycler in the next few weeks. I am in Atlanta, so our local boats are in fresh water and old boat parts are in better shape here.

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