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Hank Kivett 30-11-2015 09:12

Advantage/Disavantage going South
As we all know most everyone goes south starting around the 1st of Nov and come back north around April or May. Other than cooler weather what are the disadvantages of leaving in January and returning in April or May. My mission is not the same as me its only a one time trip with no plans to make it an annual event. In addition there seems to be no other attraction other than the weather (which i like) coupled with Florida's distaste for out of town boater why go for that extended period. The only other is to leave in Nov..go as far as u can and park the boat ...return for the holiday (3 or 4 weeks) and then return and complete the mission. All this expense must be accounted for. Now for the curve to all of this...if going over to the islands for a month or two that would alter the entire mission plan and a rethink would be required, but for this question what is the advantage or disadvantage of going in January and keep in mind money is an issue...thanks

tbodine88 30-11-2015 11:30

Re: Advantage/Disavantage going South
It will be a chilly start. I can only speak for the Florida to the islands part, as I sailed that. I was sailing west from Antigua when I met a few folks sitting in the marina or at anchor waiting for the winds to slacken or change enough for them to be willing to bang further east into the ENE winds which blow most of the time in that season.

a64pilot 30-11-2015 11:53

Re: Advantage/Disavantage going South
For me, November is too cold in the Panhandle of Fl., so I guess your ability to handle cold is the answer, I hate cold, I decided long ago that I am allergic to it.

motion30 30-11-2015 13:18

Re: Advantage/Disavantage going South
one year I left the Chesapeake in early December, it was damn cold with ice on the decks as far south as Myrtle Beach .

Hank Kivett 30-11-2015 13:54

Re: Advantage/Disavantage going South
Yes I understand it would be cold at least thru a big part of SC...I failed to mention that i would be traveling the ICW. I have equipped the cockpit with and enclosure which should cut down on the wind chill and hopefully make it a little more to tolerable. I did do a cost estimate last year and that came out to a $1.00 a mile cost..fuel cost was higher at that time but it still required a stop in a marina about every 6th day to replenish fuel/food/water and those items necessary. There were no weather delays included in that estimate. I just don't have the resources to go high hog.

motion30 30-11-2015 14:19

Re: Advantage/Disavantage going South
If you have a dinghy you won't have to spend much staying at marinas, there's always a place to tie up to go and buy food. generally you can fill your water tanks when you stop for fuel. Once again no need to stay overnight. But of course that is up to you

a64pilot 30-11-2015 18:20

Advantage/Disavantage going South
My little experience with the ICW had me stopping for fuel every few days, that was about the time I needed a pump out as I had four aboard too, but since I was filling up With fuel there was never a problem with getting water, pump out and trash disposal, until I got to South Fl, there I was invariably apparently not welcome. They really didn't like me throwing away trash, now I never used the can at the dock, always asked where the dumpster was, and always only had one kitchen size bag.
Anyway, I never bought a night at a Marina, never saw the need, batteries were always charged from all the engine running and I had plenty of food, if your on a budget, buy all your food, toilet paper everything at a low price place before you go.
You will actually waste a lot of time if you buy a night, with docking, registering, getting there before they close etc. much less wasted time throwing a hook.

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Hank Kivett 30-11-2015 19:45

Re: Advantage/Disavantage going South
Yes i do have a water tank capacity is 50 gals...fuel is 20 gals..I do have 3- 5 gal fuel cans and 2- 5 gal water containers but will add more...I have two 100w solar fuel consumption is 1/2 gal per hr...I have just add radar w/chart holding tank is 25 gal...if I have a limiting factor it would be the food...yes i have a sea frost refer but its small.

smj 30-11-2015 21:28

Re: Advantage/Disavantage going South
In the mid 90's we left Annapolis in mid December. We already had a snow storm and had to break out of ice. We made it to Daytona for the week of Christmas and it was in the 30's every night. Never again!

Hank Kivett 01-12-2015 13:01

Re: Advantage/Disavantage going South
I am just trying to avoid the coast of traveling back and forth for holidays. trying to rentals..extended marina cost...

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