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emmo 24-05-2008 00:56

Query for the Ferro's
Hi All,
After 12 months I have finally got the 'Footpath on the hard for antifoul and more importantly, steering repairs, and the usual list of " if I have time/money".
PO had changed to wheel steer, home made affair, and twice given me grief, so as the tiller came with the yacht, I am concerting back to tiller steer.
With the aid of my trusty angle grinder, I have remove shafts and an external steering box. I now have a hole plus brakage to fill.I now have a hole plus breakage to fill, about 12 inches above waterline, right on the pointy end of the canoe stem.
What should I fill the hole with?

Cheers, Emmo

Wotname 24-05-2008 01:09

How big is the hole?

emmo 24-05-2008 01:37

Hi Wot,
Yeah should of said, 3/4 inch, bit wider on outside, hull 1 inch thick.
Where are you moored/parked?
Cheers Emmo

Wotname 24-05-2008 01:49

OK so the hole is not really structual so I will put in my suggestion - use some concrete or some expoxy filler BUT please note, this is an opinion from a person more used to wood or steel. Hopefully the ferro folks will provide serious (i.e. knowledgeable) advice.
I am on the hard at Maylands - you know the one - the graveyard of broken dreams :).
Where are you?

Boracay 24-05-2008 02:07

I built a ferro boat....
I built a Hartley RORC 32 quite some time ago so my memory is going dim, but I would guess that this should not be such a big deal.

My suggestion is to get the hole as clean as possible, sand the cement back slightly, prime with thin epoxy resin and then slightly over fill with epoxy filler.

When the epoxy has set fair and repaint.

It is always good to get the designer's or the plan rights holder's opinion on these matters.

emmo 24-05-2008 02:48

Hi Wotname,
I looked at coming up to Maylands, but would have needed to hire a crane ,so I am on the hard at Royal Perth YC. My mooring is by JoJo's at Nedlands.
Cheers, Emmo

Alan Wheeler 24-05-2008 14:11

Epoxy mortar is the way to go for this. It has an expansion rate very similar to the cement, so it will not crack away from the cement.

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