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VinnyVincent 12-09-2015 17:47

Rigging question
Can the forestay be replaced without taking this off?
Just want to make sure I am not crazy. I paid a rigging company to do a new rig and it looks like this was untouched.

Sailmonkey 12-09-2015 18:16

Re: Rigging question
What part in particular are you asking about?

If you re-used the turnbuckles, then nothing there will look new.

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VinnyVincent 12-09-2015 18:37

Re: Rigging question
Sorry Im talking about the two toggles below the furling drum. It was supposed to be all new hardware. All the other toggles and turnbuckles are new. These are definitely the old ones. Also feeling inside, it feels rough like the old galvanized turnbuckle and not the smooth stainless ones they replaced elsewhere

VinnyVincent 12-09-2015 18:42

Re: Rigging question
Im pretty upset because they also put the swage fittings onto my split adjustable backstay without first threading the old wire blocks back through, so now I have to buy new blocks that have a removable pin. They just left my old stuff laying in the cockpit in a pile without saying anything...oh and they charged me for a new triangle plate, but used the old ome as well.

VinnyVincent 12-09-2015 18:46

Re: Rigging question
The reason i have to ask is Im not familiar with how the roller is installed. Im assuming it just slides down over the turnbuckle and bolts in place?

VinnyVincent 12-09-2015 18:54

Re: Rigging question
My original thought was that it was a special piece of hardware not in the quote, but once I felt what seems to be the old turn buckle, Im thinking the did nothing to the forestay. Is there a way to get a better look without removing the drum?

Sailmonkey 12-09-2015 19:04

Re: Rigging question
The furling drum does just cover the turnbuckle, you loosen some sets screws and lift it to Access the turnbuckle.

If they charged you for new toggles all around but didn't put them on the forestay call them on it.

I'd be a little peeved about the back stay too.

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VinnyVincent 12-09-2015 19:43

Re: Rigging question
Honestly I don't even think they put a new cable on or anything. They would have had to take the furler apart to do that and at that point, why not install the turnbuckle that was apparently ordered? Pretty much 500-700 worth of work that never happened, or was brought to my attention as to why it didnt happen, then was still billed out on the invoice. Alex didnt seem like rhe kind of guy to pull something like that. Hopefully he makes this right when i talk to him Monday. He personally did the install.

VinnyVincent 13-09-2015 00:05

Re: Rigging question the turn buckle inside the drum. Their email with the invoice read "you have all new rigging" lol

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