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HS0ZIB 24-06-2015 17:36

New Winlink 2000 Pactor RMS on Phuket Island

I have set up a Winlink 2000 RMS (Radio Message Server) on the island of Phuket, on the east side of the Indian Ocean.

This station is currently running in Pactor mode on 21116.00KHz (15 metre 'ham' band), but as soon as a rig control cable arrives from the USA, I will add operating frequencies in the 40, 20, 17 and 12 metre bands - all operating Pactor II and III modes.

Additionally, when another control cable arrives, I will operate a separate Winmor mode station in the 20 metre band, for those who do not possess the rather expensive Pactor modems.

You can check the coverage map for Winlink at and download the free client software.

Please contact me if you need any more information.

Background information:

I am a British radio ham, living on Phuket Island for 14 years, working as a volunteer police officer with the Thai Tourist Police. I build and own some small hotels at the international airport.

I actually have no yachting interest - I have set this station up as it can also provide HF communications for land-based users in remote areas, as well as in times of major emergency/disaster.

I also operate the data receivers for and in this region.

Simon - HS0ZIB

Jim Cate 24-06-2015 20:37

Re: New Winlink 2000 Pactor RMS on Phuket Island
Great news, Simon, and thanks for being there. We've used winlink for years, and reckon that the selfless hams that provide the links deserve lots of kudos.

Cheers and 73 de Jim, N9GFT/VK4GFT m/m

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