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sy_doinit 16-06-2015 01:37

control cables
I am trying to replace my throttle and shifter cables. the shifter cable ID is 30 1947 - 3 - 216 that's 18 inches long.the throttle cable is impossible to read. It looks like it would be longer but made of the same cable. Looking online one boat said their cables were the same length though were 24 feet long so definitely different. Any suggestions how to determine the length of the throttle cable. the part number on the cable has been worn off.

colemj 16-06-2015 04:51

Re: control cables
Since you are replacing it, why not just pull it out and measure it? Pull a chase line through so you can pull the new one back.


HopCar 16-06-2015 05:02

Re: control cables
Did you mean 18 feet? The last three digits in the number (216) usually indicate the length in inches.

sy_doinit 16-06-2015 07:28

Re: control cables
Yes, i meant feet. But the throttle cable seems longer as it goes further into the engine area. Its much looser too but i think thats from age. I would just pull it out but i'm not ready to replace it. I am out cruising and need to order the part, figure out where to ship it, get settled somewhere and then replace it when it arrives. I assume they attach at approx the same distance away at the binnacle. I could just measure the extra length at the engine side. Is it a problem if its a foot too long? How precise does the length have to be? I imagine quite.

colemj 16-06-2015 07:50

Re: control cables
It doesn't matter if it is too long if you have the space for the extra amount without introducing tight radius's in the bends.

Too short is a problem, of course - but too long isn't.


Wanderlust 16-06-2015 09:29

Re: control cables
As Mark said, length isn't critical. If there is doubt, err on the longer side if there is room. Can't you estimate the difference in the 2 cables by opening the top of the binnacle or something? They are probably longer/shorter in 1 foot increments.

Most likely it is a Morse cable, a very common cable used for outboards as well as inboards. Being independent of engine brand, any workshop that services engines should know about it from your part numner and be able to get a replacement.

HopCar 16-06-2015 14:10

Re: control cables
The part number you gave is for a Morse 33C Supreme Cable. It was their extra slippery version of the Standard 33C.

The Seastar 3300 Xtreme would be a good replacement. It has 10-32 threads on the ends and 3 inches of travel. The price should be about $35.00.

sy_doinit 16-06-2015 21:28

Re: control cables
Thank you! I imagine I can find this around these parts too. I'm going to measure from the engine side and decipher the extra length on this en
Oh if all my boat problems were so easy to solve. . . .

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