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Borsboom 25-05-2015 13:21

NMEA0183 data NX2 on PC
I have a full Silva navigation system configuration including the NX2 server.
This server is connected to my on-board PC running on Windows XP.

My navigation system can pick-up the data from NX2 through COM port 6, this is done through my navigation application Seapro.
So far all working fine.

I now want to pick-up the same NMEA data from the onboard PC through a LAN connection with Digitial Yacht iNavconnect to WiFi and iPad.
Om my iPad I have iNavX which requires me to enter IP adress and port id for the NMEA data stream. I do know the IP adress and are able to connect to the PC.

However I do not know the port ID where the NMEA data is made available. I actually also do not know NX2 does make the NMEA data available for a LAN to pick up on my PC.

Maybe Im trying to do something that is not possible.

Does anyone has experience connecting NX2 NMEA data on a PC and pick-it up through a LAN connection?
Unfortunately Silva support is transferred to Garmin and it seems they do not have the knowledge of the Silva products, nor are they responding adequately.

I would really make my configuration complete!!

Lake-Effect 27-05-2015 12:44

Re: NMEA0183 data NX2 on PC
I don't have hands-on experience with the NX2, but from a quick peruse of the server manual, the only connection, and path between the NX2 and your PC for NMEA data, is the serial cable.

So, you need something in your PC to 'serve' the NMEA data from the NX2 onto the LAN or wifi. I had a quick peek at the seaPro site - they mention a network option but I couldn't find out much about it. You should contact seapro for more information

There's likely some commercial software to do that serving, but there's also an open-source NMEA server... which is a bit harder than plug and play, but not too hard. And software does not like sharing serial ports with other software, which means some form of hardware or software serial splitter, if you want to stil use seapro AND serve that same NMEA data elsewhere. (It might be as simple as feeding the serial from the NX2 into two serial ports, since you're just going to be reading NMEA data over it, i believe)

Another idea - split the NX2 serial out into the PC for seaPro, and into a small single-board computer like the Raspberry Pi running the aforementioned NMEA server, with a USB-wifi dongle... and then you wouldn't need the iNavConnect ...

Hope there's something useful here.

(Yes... I'm at work, and I'm bored :whistling: )

Borsboom 27-05-2015 14:39

Re: NMEA0183 data NX2 on PC

I think you are right I need a server for the NMEA data. I will try your suggestions

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