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ksmith 23-04-2008 19:00

chain plate placement
I have a Tartan 27 and would like some input regarding the chainplates.

One of the weakness is the the port/starboard chainplates which are imbedded in glass and located at the outer edge of the deck but not outboard. They have a tendency to leak and destroy the attachment. I am toying with the idea of moving them inboard to the doghouse rather than outboard.

I have enough faith in the design to believe that they are there for a reason other than "this looks like a good place to put them".

Would appreicate any input pro or con.

GordMay 24-04-2008 01:44

Try the T-27 Owners: Tartan 27 Owners Website

svTOTEM 24-04-2008 06:53

Glassed in and leaking chainplates make for a bad combination. Your wise to do something about it. Stainless steel exposed to water and oxygen deprived will be in less then optimal condition. If the chainplates were mirror polishe when new then they may be ok now. If not, then the surface holds the water in the imperfections, creating pitting and cracking.

The other consideration in relocating the chaiplate inboard is that it will increase the load on that shroud. Measure the length of the spreader and compare it to the "half-mast" measurement (centerline at mast to chainplate). Supporting a vertical column (mast) with another (shroud) that is parallel to it is high load.

If the move inboard is smallish and your turnbuckle/wire will work, be sure to inspect them carefully; or if they're old maybe replace them.

Kanani 24-04-2008 08:55

The worst thing that you can do to S/S is rob it of oxygen. S/S needs oxygen to be "Stainless". Also the farther outboard from the mast that you locate the chainplates the more stability you give to the mast.

I would never own another sailboat that didn't have the chainplates on the outside of the hull. It may distract from the appearance of some of the more, sleak looking, modern hull designs but I am more of a traditionalist anyway. Besides, I am more into having the stick pointing straight up.

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