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AliaVita 31-01-2015 11:21

MaxSea V1.9.8 PC keeps falling over
We are running MaxSea v1.9.8 on W7. It works great on day sails but if on passage we have to reboot every 10 hours or so. When I look at the performance graph in Task Manager, it is clear that the RAM slowly gets used up until it reaches its capacity and it falls over. Normally RAM usage graph on a PC goes up and down with its current activity, but on our it is almost a continually increasing graph line. The PC meets all the requirements of v.1.9.8. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem. Regards, Rob

Suijin 31-01-2015 11:27

Re: MaxSea V1.9.8 PC keeps falling over
You have a memory leak somewhere, which I guess is obvious. To track it down I would run the PC and keep eliminating running applications and processes until you find out which is the culprit. Not uncommon for incremental updates of apps to have memory leaks due to QA oversight.

AliaVita 31-01-2015 13:35

Re: MaxSea V1.9.8 PC keeps falling over
Thanks Suijin. The memory leak is in MaxSea somewhere. The only function of the PC is to run MaxSea, so there are very few programs running in the background. I have monitored the performance of the RAM without MaxSea running and it flat lines. I appreciate that not all MaxSea installations running on W7 fall over every 10 hours or so, so clearly there's something wrong. Just hoping someone else has already been afflicted and resolved it. The problem could of course be the PC but only when MaxSea runs.

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