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jbinbi 23-03-2008 06:49

some links/threads not working: click & they go to main page
I just did a search on Gemini+105, got lots of hits, and on the second page, there was a great link for gemini105mc. when i click on it, it goes to the main page. the link is (trying to copy it)

other links i click on go to the thread, but this, and others don't.

Anything wrong with my system , or the DB on your end?

Hud3 23-03-2008 07:01

Try this link

Hud3 23-03-2008 07:15

And here are some links that Therapy posted a while back

"gemini 105" - Google Search

S/V Elusive 23-03-2008 08:52

We really ought to consider changing that last title - Birthing Fees ... Unless it really is about giving birth.

jbinbi 23-03-2008 16:07


was wierd, threads i clicked on thru a search all re directed me back to the main page!

threads from entering the forum worked fine! not sure what was up.

rebooted 2x (i am an IT person, and first solution is alway reboot). came back to computer later today, and working fine.

sorry about that.

Hud3 23-03-2008 16:13

Your link had some extra stuff on the end that probably caused the problem.

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