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SamFrederick 25-11-2014 12:27

Difference between Amel models
A buddy and I are looking for a sailboat we can sail down to Patagonia, through the Pacific or where ever the wind happens to blow us that day. We've been looking at a lot of different brands and models trying to find that combination of a solid blue water boat, a comfortable live aboard and that oh so important element of low cost.
I recently came across some Amel sailboats, which I was not familiar with before. I really like the the look of these boats. (Not necessarily the most beautiful boat, but it looks comfortable, roomy and sea worthy). I would say ideally, I would want a Super Maramu, but they are a bit more than what we were hoping to spend. I have also come across some Mangos which look nearly identical, just slightly older and less expensive...

My question is, what are the differences between the two models? I believe the Super Maramu has a bow thruster while the Mango doesn't and it looks like the galley is laid out slightly differently and with a different refrigerator. But what else for important differences?
It would obviously depend on the condition of the boat, but would there be any reason not to take a Mango around the world on a trip such as we are planning? Does anyone with Mango experience have any complaints or observations I should be aware of they can share?

I definitely appreciate any input any of you can give and I hope you are all somewhere beautiful enjoying the sunshine and a fair breeze!

Steadman Uhlich 25-11-2014 12:33

Re: Difference between Amel models

I hope someone here will answer that question, as I have wondered about that too. :)

BostonFlicka 25-11-2014 12:57

Re: Difference between Amel models

While I don't have any first hand experience with Amel, it is on the dream boat list. I thought you should check out the blog and you tube videos of SV Delos.

Awesome bunch of sailers traveling the globe on their super Maramu.

SamFrederick 25-11-2014 13:09

Re: Difference between Amel models
I've been all over the Delos page and am working my way through their videos! They have definitely helped get me fired up for the Amel!

Blue Stocking 25-11-2014 13:39

Re: Difference between Amel models
I have worked on many brands of sailboats. IMHO, nothing touches an Amel for quality and thought behind systems layout and serviceability. Full stop.

rourkeh 25-11-2014 14:49

Re: Difference between Amel models
good luck on your search.
I believe the Mango is late 70's early 80's model 52' and the Super Maramu was 53' or 54' built after the Mango.
These are one of the best thought out and constructed boats of their size you will find anywhere. The hull is bonded together to form what is basically one piece, and there is attention to detail throughout like hatch gutters that drain overboard etc that no manufacturer can be bothered to incorporate due to cost.
The cockpit layout is weird but hey nobody is perfect.

BentP 26-11-2014 09:08

Re: Difference between Amel models
We live-aboard our Mango 1987. One of the dfferences is the Mango lack the bathing platform, and the Super Maramu, being a newer design, simply has some features that the Mango miss. But we do have the same type of bow-thruster.
I would say the Super Maramu is the successor to the Mango.

Yes, these boats are truely robust and safe to sail, we love it. Not being the fastest boat, it is however not as dead as I had feared.

At first I was concerned about the position of the helmet. It has proven to be a very nice place for steering, and the overview is all OK.

We still haven't figured out the advantage (if any) with the special whisker poles, they are very hard to set in my opinion. This could be a point for improvement.

Bent, S/Y Karma

SamFrederick 26-11-2014 09:13

Re: Difference between Amel models
Thanks Bent.
How much cruising have you done on your boat? Any long distance Blue Water? Or more Med, Carib type stuff?
So far the only negatives I'm hearing about them are pretty minor... They sound better and better every day! :)
I've seen some video of people running the foresails out wing on wing with the whisker poles in very light wind. I did think they looked a bit awkward myself...

BentP 26-11-2014 09:21

Re: Difference between Amel models
So far we have only sailed the boat home to Denmark from Brittany, and some cruising in Danish and German waters.

We are planning our Blue Water trip to start mid-2015, which will take us to the Caribics at first, then probably the US and then we will see....

About the poles, I am completely with you. When they are deployed it is functioning very well. But we have had issues when we set them out, and later take them in again. Especially when we retract them they will come with a lot of force if you are not careful. Haven't figured this one out yet, other Amel owners doesn't seem to have this issue, so maybe it's just us:confused:


Polux 26-11-2014 16:27

Re: Difference between Amel models
The differences regards mostly hull design. There is a continuous evolution of the hulls and keels, always towards more efficient and better sailboats till the actual model, the 55, the last image. The first is the Mango, the second the Super Maramu.

terrysandling 26-11-2014 16:34

Re: Difference between Amel models
You might like to think of an oyster an amazing blue water yacht take you anywhere safely

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Steadman Uhlich 26-11-2014 16:49

Re: Difference between Amel models
From those plans, it appears the latest 55 model has a finer front end and a much wider back end. Trend for sail boats seems to be going that way.

I like any of those, and from what I have seen of the boats (online) they all look to be fine boats. :)

Polux 26-11-2014 16:58

Re: Difference between Amel models

Originally Posted by Steady Hand (Post 1687045)
From those plans, it appears the latest 55 model has a finer front end and a much wider back end. Trend for sail boats seems to be going that way.

I like any of those, and from what I have seen of the boats (online) they all look to be fine boats. :)

The beam more pulled aft limits roll downwind. A very good design the last one. There is one making the ARC this year and the boat is going very fast for a middle weight boat.

Flacky 26-11-2014 18:34

Re: Difference between Amel models
I've got a Super Maramu and it is so strong!! The previous owner had a photo of the boat being craned up using the 4 lifting eyes. He then went inside and opened and closed each watertight door and they all opened and closed snugly without any warping.

We will be sailing it to Australia/New Zealand from the Med beginning in a couple of years after we have cruised around there for a while.

YARGO 26-11-2014 19:30

Re: Difference between Amel models
Any Amel boat you choose whether the smallest or largest will do the job. They are excellent boats and all sizes have sailed the world for years.

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