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donmaloy 17-11-2014 06:53

Live aboard Oahu,HI
Hey everyone,

First post on the forum. I'm currently deployed to Africa with the US Navy. I am stationed on Oahu, and would like to purchase a sailboat to live aboard during the remainder of my time stationed in Hawaii. I'll be getting back to Oahu early Feb 15, and just wondering if anyone had a good broker and advise for mooring or slips on the island? I know there is a spot on base, but I wanted to explore possible options off base as well. All pointers and tips related to these 2 questions would be greatly appreciated!!


delmarrey 17-11-2014 07:02

Re: Live aboard Oahu,HI
That was my dream 39 years ago. Some dreams are pretty high though. But if you can get a slip on base, good luck with that.
We have a few HI members here that may pipe in to give you a better idea whats out there.

BTW welcome aboard!

roverhi 17-11-2014 13:14

Re: Live aboard Oahu,HI
Too late to get a slip in the AlaWai but get your name on the wait list there ASAP. If you are staying in the Navy, your name may come up on your next tour at Pearl. Slips are a major problem. Wait list for medium size slips is at least 3 years and probably a couple of years longer, have been on the list for 3 years now. Strangely, larger slips appear to have a shorter wait time as I got offered a 45' slip after only a couple of years on the list. The State Marina at Keehi has a shorter waiting list but it's not the best environment. There are also the moorings in Keehi Lagoon that are State Controlled. Semi lived aboard at LaMarianna Sailing Club in Keehi when I was stationed there many years ago. The industrial nature of the area, drugs and crime, aren't condusive to peace and tranquility though I hear they've made an effort to clear out the druggies.

Private marinas probably have slips available but they are way more costly. You are looking at over $10 a foot before any live aboard additions. Ko'olina Resort is by far the nicest though probably with a price.

Don't know what the slip situation with the Waikiki and Hawaii Yacht Club in the AlaWai. Might check with them to see if a live aboard slip is a possibility. Of course, you'd have to join the club and add the club fees to your slip costs.

I'm on the Big Island so not intimately familiar with the goings on on Oahu.

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