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AbelCMann 31-10-2014 09:57

Wintering over & freeze protection
Ahoy! I have finally launched my Alberg 30 after redoing the bottom completely. I intend to leave her in the water for the Winter, in the Northern Chesapeake, in a slip with power,but do not intend to be aboard every day. Or every week. There is no plumbing aboard. So what think ye of electric heating tape for the raw water intake hoses, and an electric dipstick for the diesel? Anyone done this?

a64pilot 31-10-2014 10:52

Re: Wintering over & freeze protection
I would not heat the Diesel oil unless I was going to start the engine soon, it leads to getting moisture in the engine and moisture of course causes rust.
If your trying to keep the engine above freezing down South here a 100W light bulb has been the time honored inexpensive way, I do not know if it would be enough up there though, but think it would.

AbelCMann 31-10-2014 10:58

Re: Wintering over & freeze protection
Very good point about the condensation! Thanks!

Sailormantx 31-10-2014 12:05

Re: Wintering over & freeze protection
Skip the electrical, its nothing but a fire hazard and no help when the power is out. Warm up your engine. Prepare a bucket with a through hull in the bottom the size of your raw water hose. Hang the bucket above your engine and remove the hose from the seacock and attach it to the bucket. Fill the bucket with antifreeze and run it through the engine and spray fogging oil in the air intake as you shut it down. 3-4 gallons will be enough to flush all the water out of the engine and exhaust. Blow out your seacock with compressed air while closing it or close it with a piece of foam rubber stuck through it so it wont crack if you get frozen in solid. Protecting your seacock may be a little overkill in the Chesapeake, but if you are not staying on the boat, I would not take any chances. Also be sure to close any other seacocks as the weight of the snow can push the boat down deep enough to overflow some sinks and drains.

thinwater 31-10-2014 12:09

Re: Wintering over & freeze protection
Power fails during ice storms and high winds. Not a valid winterizing strategy for that reason alone. I have also seen several fires started by heat tape in factories.

Drain or glycol.

marlinmike 31-10-2014 13:05

Re: Wintering over & freeze protection
Some excellent tips, I agree with not using heating tape or heating dip stick, also running a few gallons of non-toxic antifreeze through the diesel is a must, just don't use fogging oil, that's used in gas engine setups and not diesels.

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