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tauras 20-11-2004 15:50

electric fence update
After doing a test on a hot wire system for my boat to protect it from intruders I did a lot more investigation on the subject of setting up an electric fence to surround the boat when in remote areas. I found that by using a bi-polar energiser an electric fence could be errected arround the boat and not have to be grounded. I found a co in AU that mfg's a bi-poler energiser and all the equipment to make a non-leathel electric fence for my boat. The Total cost to do it yourself is under 1000.00. BUT you can purchase the entire system that is approved for use by the IMB
for about 15000.00 EU's from I think this would be a better deterent to protect your boat while in remote areas than taking a gun with you. This may be something you won't use while docked at your marina, but if anchored or moored in a remote area that has a problem of theft this could stop intruiders while you are on shore.

delmarrey 20-11-2004 18:15

Lets hope they don't get pissed and burn the boat. And what happens if a large bird lands on the system.

I've contemplated this myself and I THINK a loud alarm (bell, horn or smoke flare) would be more effected rather than a shock cord that can be easily grounded out and disabled.........................._/)

Talbot 21-11-2004 09:21

IMHO this would just piss them off and you would then get shot up more than a little.

Either outgun them (not legally feasible) or do what you can to minimise the risk.

H Romberg 25-01-2005 00:50

An un-monitored obstacle is just an annoyance to a thief. The product would work while under way, because it would make it tough to board. Then again, they could just force you to stop and disengage the system.

My take is that you kind of have to decide if you're going to resist ahead of time, and if you aren't, don't make things needlessly tough for the pirates. It'll just piss them off. If on the other hand, you ARE going to resist, it's best to have a variety of options available. Guns aren't always a good idea in some countries, but a sufficiently motivated human can be plenty dangerous without them.

Most places will allow a variety of non-firearm weapons, which are VERY effective at below decks range if the user does his job. Machetes, "Decorative" swords and spears, etc can do more damage than a gun at in your face distances. You have to be competent though, and you have to be prepared to get hurt and to be really brutal if you plan to use them. There are also some really nasty surprises you can leave lying around on deck for unwelcome visitors.

Just be prepared for lawsuits if they survive.

I've been thinking about a solution for a "welcome mat" with internal pressure switches and surface contacts for a stun gun system. You could place it at the boarding gates and stun the poo poo out of anybody that stepped on it. With luck, they'll be knocked out and overboard, and you can just up anchor and leave.

Another version would have a series of lead plates with straightened fishing hooks protruding from them. With luck, the bad guy falls over taking a couple with him. If not, he definitely will need some serious help, and he won't be walking well.

AnchorageGuy 25-01-2005 17:10

Just use Slocum's old trick at anchor. Sprinkle tacks around the deck. You can pick them all up in the morning with a magnet. Much cheaper.:D

Alan Wheeler 26-01-2005 00:40

Hehe a funny thing happend as I was waiting for your reply to load on my screen. There was a slight hesitiation at loading and all I got was "sprinkle tacks around............." I was thinking, he's not going to say sprinkle tacks around on the water is he?? He must be going to make a joke. Then my mind slipped into looney gear and I thought, hey how about pet sharks circling the boat. Then the page loaded and my world returned to normal. :D

Greg B 26-01-2005 06:58

Wow Wheels Your a genius!!!
I would never have thought of sprinkling tacks around the boat.
That way the pirates would get a flat and their boat would sink before they even got a chance to board. Think of the money you'd save on ammo!! Geeze I love this forum

;) Greg

Jentine 26-01-2005 08:23

Foreign countries take a dim view of guns aboard travelling yachts, apparently. Does that mean that canons and rockets are ok? They could be fun. You could get the pirates before they left port.

Alan Wheeler 26-01-2005 11:44

Use the boom as the barrel. Pack it full of powder and a wadding and a cannon ball and your set:D Then authorities can't see you have a weapon. You may even get a few extra knots in the right direction when you fire it. Either that, or a lot of extra knots in the wrong direction, along with maybe a set of wings and a harp.:D
I have a mate that just returned from a trip to South Africa. He said he was in a Vehicle that had a Flame throwing device mounted under the Vehicle. If someone gets too close, the driver can push a button and incinerate anything within a radiuse of so many metres around the vehicle. Now that would cause you to maintian the correct following distance now wouldn't it. :D

Greg B 26-01-2005 15:14

My wife wants to mount one of those whalers harpoon cannon thingy's on the pulpit. Then we could reel in those pesky pirates and take their stuff from them. I married a genius too!!! God I'm surrounded by 'em. Hey Wheels can I use your boom as cannom fodder?


Alan Wheeler 27-01-2005 00:24

Hmmmm, anyone for watching Dead Calm tonight;)

capstan 21-03-2005 21:29

Taser is supposed to be coming out with a consumer version of the Taser.:D

Alan Wheeler 22-03-2005 01:09

If "consumer version" means a wimpy, little zap, AAA battery version of the real Taser, then who wants that. You DON'T want the guy getting up again is the whole point of the excersise.
Hehe, we had a Radio station doing something stupid the other day. They were trying to get a guy to put his tongue on a commercial Bug zapper. You know, those things that have the eery blue fluro and the thing goes CRACK when a bug flies intot he bars. I was listening to what was ging on and knowing a bit about the things, I was thinking to myself, OH MY GOSH!! they are going to kill the guy. I think he chickend out in the end. Don't blame him. Yikes.:eek:

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