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Steve Kidson 27-02-2008 23:46

Trawler Sinks Off Byron Bay
Australian press has been covering this story over the last day where a trawler overturned and sank some 8nm off shore.

Deckhand's heroic swim - National -

One deckhand managed to swim ashore after 12 hours and raise the alarm. Some time later a search aircraft located one other, with the skipper still missing.

One can only assume the boat was poorly equipped safety equipment wise, with no EPIRB set off, and seemingly no PFDs or other floatation devices.

Our regulations make it mandatory to carry EPIRB, PDF's VHF radio when going offshore.

As users of the world's oceans, we must be ever aware of our safety and that of our crew, and that appropriate equipment should be always on board.

Fair winds


mudnut 28-02-2008 00:25

Hey Steve,last night on the news it was reported as being run over by a cargo ship.Haven't heard the news tonight though.It's on soon.Mudnut.

mudnut 28-02-2008 00:44

Nope,tonight they said "After trawler capsized".Mudnut.

cooper 28-02-2008 00:47

...latest radio news said 10 hour swim and the other crew member spent 30 hours clinging to and esky......Still no sign of the skipper.

44'cruisingcat 28-02-2008 00:59

Last news I heard they had "hit a reef". Possibly they snagged a reef with the trawl and got tipped over. Must have sunk very quickly since they were hanging on to an esky lid. Sadly it seems unlikely the skipper will be found OK after this amount of time.

Robertcateran 28-02-2008 01:07

Trouble with monohulls again
. I spent many years on trawlers and they are not particularly seaworthy. Lost a few mates in Bass Strait. though getting stoned and relying on an auto pilot in quartering seas to miss a cape in the case of two of them is more candidature for Darwin awards than the boats fault,

cooper 28-02-2008 22:39

Cats are more of a problem....the bong dosnt fall over. If it did it would cause the evacuation of below decks and force them to have a look around !!.

cooper 28-02-2008 22:40 to be called off.....

mudnut 29-02-2008 00:32

A while back I made a joke of gimbaling everything,even the head.Thanks cooper,now I can even gimbal the bong!!Along with the gimbaled recliner,cool.Mudnut.By the way,the second bloke to be rescued said that they were asleep at the time of the accident.Mudnut.

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