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Tellus 18-08-2014 07:25

America is calling..
Hapless sailor was trying to reach America :whistling:

Hapless sailor trying to reach America in dinghy rescued 5 MILES from Dorset coast | Mail Online

Ex-Calif 18-08-2014 07:45

Re: America is calling..
Sounds like his only mistake was not checking in with Cruisers Forum to check out his plan.

30% would say, "Go now. Go small!"
20% would say, "Practice in a Dinghy"
15% would say, "Join a Sailing Club and take all the ASA classes."
20% would say, "My boat is the best boat for crossing the Atlantic"
5% would ask, "What Anchor do you have?"
5% would ask, "How many amp hours do you have on board?" And then recommend an 1800 a/h LiFePO bank
3% would talk about the Bulgarian illegal immigration crisis and then blame Obama for it.
1% would be trying to figure out how to make it a gun thread.
1% would be talking about the environmental impact and be indignant that he didn't have a Marpol plan posted.

MarkJ 18-08-2014 14:27

Re: America is calling..

he only navigational aid in his possession was a street map of Southampton.

But he had Paper Charts, thats all you need!

:smitten: <---- a new Smiley!????????? When were they put in?

sailorboy1 18-08-2014 14:46

Re: America is calling..
gee, didn't even give the guy a chance :facepalm:

Matt sachs 18-08-2014 15:05

Re: America is calling..
:trash:They are just cleaning up the paper "not yet litter" charts.

BZT54 19-08-2014 04:19

Re: America is calling..
If he had asked us most would have had him trade in his dinghy for a Potter.


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