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Pzappo 31-07-2014 12:22

Need your advise.
Hi, I have never sailed but have been researching for a long time. I want to retire and sail the world. I'm sort off set on a ketch, not sure if gaff rigged, though it looks "pretty". The part that I am having a hard time with is the hull. I do want a full keel. But steel or fiberglass? Do not want wood, I think, because of the maintenance. And I think I would want something around 40' or so. I am a healthy and strong 68 yr. and hope to have a woman mate, if I can entice someone. But I also would like to have a boat large enough if my grown children want to join part time. Though I would like to visit the northern and southern parts mostly I expect to be sailing the tropics and temperate climates. I am a very adept multi skilled tradesman so tasks like welding, engine maintenance, is not an issue, I just don't want to spend a lot of time on fixing, rather cruise.
I have been reading your posts over the years but now want to do one more survey and see what you all seasoned sailors have to say. Thanks

tbodine88 31-07-2014 12:29

Re: Need your advise.
Lots of us will say, take sailing lessons first if you haven't already. Go out to sea, and find out how you can tolerate being wet, cold and sea sick.

Do this before spending money on surveys, looking for a broker, driving around looking for boats, or anything else.

OTH, by this time, at 68 you probably have some idea about this. I hope.

sailorboy1 31-07-2014 12:33

Re: Need your advise.
Why do you think you want those types of things?

Why does it matter whether CF members agree or disagree?

In the end the only thing about a boat that matters is the owner liking it!

Pzappo 31-07-2014 12:47

Re: Need your advise.
I do value input from experienced folks. I did sail a pinch and I have been at sea on military ships, crossed the Atlantic 3 times, and spent a year on the Caribbean and 2 yrs on the Med. while in the Marines. Not too worried about cold, rough, etc. mostly because I have endured a bunch of extreme adventures, from a solo trip up the Amazon to winters in the Rockies. I'm expecting the unexpected extreme though intend sail the weather and not hurry, be wise.
Just looking here for your opinions and views. If you were single handed and had to cross the Atlantic what boat and rigging would you prefer.

Hudson Force 31-07-2014 13:08

Re: Need your advise.

Originally Posted by Pzappo (Post 1596733)
Hi, I have never sailed but have been researching for a long time. .....................

Your research may be outdated. There is little favor for a true full keel among today's designs. Even a cut away forefoot that some mistakenly call a "full keel" has little support. As for the ketch rig, it has some value, but not for the reasons that support the cruising you describe. Then, there's the question of selecting a gaff rig because it is "pretty". It seems to me that your research has been aimed in the wrong direction. Those with the greatest success at cruising are making very practical decissions with little regard for the romanticism of split gaff rigs and red sails in the sunset. You speak of mechanical skills and you would do better to apply these and choose your boat in the same manner that you would select your tools.

As an answer I'd look for a deeper draft and a sloop or cutter. My choice would be an encapsulated keel rather than hung and a fiberglass hull. I think there's much to be said for the Solent rig if you opt for the sloop.

Pzappo 31-07-2014 13:56

Re: Need your advise.
thank you. The gaff and ketch is mostly driven by thinking that easier to handle smaller sails and more sails more versatility. Thinking and hands on big difference and that is why I'm here asking for feedback. The keel thought is mostly thinking that if I wanted or needed to beach the boat it would be more stable. I know, a sailboat is designed to be in water and not on land-lol. I will strive to understand and will take your feedback to practice.
This is a sort of a crash course of what boat to choose. I hope to be in water by the end of this year and if possible make the choice once that will fit my journey.

sailorboy1 31-07-2014 14:00

Re: Need your advise.
[QUOTE=Pzappo;1596794 The keel thought is mostly thinking that if I wanted or needed to beach the boat it would be more stable. [/QUOTE]

I will go along with the sail thinking as it never hurts to have more sail options for various conditions.

But this keel thing is the the make yourself crazy type of thinking where you are actually making a case for something that has a 0.0001% chance of being needed. It is basing your choices on fear!

Pzappo 31-07-2014 14:17

Re: Need your advise.
Not fear, but thinking that there may be a time that I would intentionally want to beach the boat, or be in waters where the low tide will leave no water under the boat. Again thanks for food for thought.

JPA Cate 31-07-2014 14:26

Re: Need your advise.
A CF member has an Amazon 44 for sale in Seattle. You might take a look at it. It is certainly a boat for ocean sailing. You might look at the boats for sale here on CF.

My advice is to stick to a boat that is easily singlehanded. As strong and healthy as you are, most of us weaken after 70.

Do not count on having family visit you. Mostly their travel is quite expensive, and their time off too short, unless you are cruising where they are. This is the sad voice of someone who bought a boat with 3 cabins so kids and grandkids could come. My husband's kids from a previous marriage each came, the daughter once, the son, twice. Of my three kids, only my eldest ever visited.

I'd suggest something in the 36-40 ft. range. We have a friend who singlehanded circumnavigated in a small Halberg Rassey, 34, and she took really good care of him.

Finally, I wish you luck finding a like minded good lady.


Pzappo 31-07-2014 14:46

Re: Need your advise.
Thank you Ann. I guess if the kids and grand kids show an interest for extended cruising I could always trade up. I'm sure that at this point this is for me so your advise on size is prudent.

JPA Cate 31-07-2014 17:04

Re: Need your advise.
Actually, my recommendation would be for a cutter. In-line spreader rig. Rudder skeg-hung. Fiberglass is easiest maintenance IMO, although our boat, modern timber composite is great for a one-off. In fact, about every 10 yrs, it needs re-painting. And that is very expensive. Well cared for gelcoat lasts a long, long time.

Remember, the bigger the boat, the bigger are all costs, parts, new blocks, running rigging, berthing fees, etc., etc.

You're going to be interested in the water tanks, because you need to be able to store enough water for offshore passages, and you need to budget at least 2 liters per day per person, for survival where it's hot, planning on using salt water for bathing and dishwashing. The desire for contemporary water usage will lead down the primrose path of a watermaker and a genset to run it, and what if it breaks down? It is easier, IMO to learn to conserve it, but YMMV. If you ever did backpacking, you'll understand. Just no pristine streams out on the briny deep.


Suijin 31-07-2014 17:55

Re: Need your advise.
Pzappo, you've not given us a budget, which would be very useful in making recommendations of specific boats.

For the most part, the advantage of having multiple masts and sails was built around the idea that smaller sails where easier to manage. That was true, but advances in rigging and boat design have pretty well rendered that advantage moot. All things being equal you'll be better off with one mast..less maintenance, fewer sails to maintain, fewer sails to trim and manage when under way. In my opinion, the only good reason for going with a ketch or yawl these days is having an air draft ceiling, based on where you intend to sail, that makes a sloop rig impractical.

I can't help but agree with Ann's outline of what you should be looking for. In this day and age, if you can afford a solent rig it has advantages over a cutter in terms of manageability, sailing characteristics, and deck layout.

I get you on the whole pretty thing. But I strongly advise you to makes a list of objective "need and wants" and proceed from there. I ended up buying a Valiant because it was the best boat that met all of my criteria, even though I have never been impressed with them from an aesthetic perspective. If I had my druthers I'd be living and sailing on a Rhodes schooner, but that's just not very practical.

I would not buy a full keel boat because of some hypothetical need to beach it once or twice in the next ten years. Buy the boat design that provides you with those qualities that are important day in and day out.

TFrere 31-07-2014 18:47

Re: Need your advise.
Pearson 365 has nice accommodations for the vintage. Kind of slow though.

Curmudgeon 31-07-2014 18:50

Re: Need your advise.

Originally Posted by Suijin (Post 1596936)
Pzappo, you've not given us a budget, which would be very useful in making recommendations of specific boats.

Yes, without a budget, sensible advice is impossible.

Nothing wrong with a full keel for your purposes. You aren't racing. Nothing wrong with a ketch, either. But there's a huge gamut depending on what you want to spend. There are plenty of older boats in the $40-100K range that might serve your purposes.

If you want a boat that will go up on the beach, try a Southerly or one of the French aluminum centerboard boats. But now you are talking $250K and up for a 40 footer.

hpeer 31-07-2014 19:29

Re: Need your advise.
As serendipity would have it, the post a moment ago was title "I need advice."

It is from a lady in Ohio who was building a 40' Bruce Roberts Spray and got pretty far along when he ended up in a nursing home. She needs to get rid of the boat. It's listed in outer classifieds for $12k, but I suspect that's negotiable.

The boat don't really matter much, though we like to obsess about them. It's the going that's important.

Hell, get this one and finish it the way you want. Make it a junk rig it you care to. Real easy to sail single handed.

Here's the link to the add.

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