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exMaggieDrum 03-05-2018 07:32

Re: Give me Encouragement to Sail from Washington to SF

Originally Posted by northoceanbeach (Post 2625708)
I was just thinking about what boat to get this summer and I saw this old post. I meant to 'm fj you with photos. I made it. It was seriously bad the whole time. Never nice. And never terrible.

A younger couple came down from Vancouver after me and slapped the water a couple times, blew out their port lights and thought they were dying. .

I ended up getting a second modern autopilot as the main one. I made the whole boat like new. It was a tank that would take anything. And I was too stubborn to turn around. Never thought I might die though.

I ran offshore straight away and stayed there the whole time. The seas were way better. The stuff in the first 60 miles was sickening.

I have been down the Pacific coast twice now and up once. The first time we went offshore 100 miles to the narrow corridor which is supposed to ban crap pots and fishing. The ride out there was much better than close in. The other times were within 15 miles or less and it was murder part of the time and a milk run the other part. But the murder part was murder and we went in to port for almost a week on the trip down waiting for weather to improve going around Cape Blanco. You can have bad conditions farther out as well and can't duck in to port as fast but I would rather go out there and we will later this year on the way to Mexico. (If I can knock off the most important projects to get ready by then.)

I know very knowledgeable and experienced skippers who would never consider going far out. And some new crew are too nervous to think about it. So opinions vary.

OldManMirage 03-05-2018 08:46

Re: Give me Encouragement to Sail from Washington to SF
So hey NorthOcean Beach do you own a Cape Dory 28 now ? Asking because I do, bought mine about 6 months ago. I love her, she's a tank !

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