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Milan69 12-05-2014 12:19

Cooling fan
Could someone recommend what would be the best cooling fan (fans) for hot weather for my 38 foot boat.

socaldmax 12-05-2014 12:27

Re: Cooling fan
Perhaps you could give some more details that would help narrow it down better. What size fan? How quiet do you want them to be?

Milan69 12-05-2014 12:30

Re: Cooling fan
It would ideally be a portable fan with a vacuum stand so that be used in different places. As far as the noise is concerned I guess I would want to use it most at night when there is no breeze flowing, so something tolerable as far as noise is concerned. Also it would be handy if it can be run on batteries.
There are fans to be bought on internet but I have no idea of how powerful it should be.

bgallinger 12-05-2014 12:52

Re: Cooling fan
The only 12 volt fan I have found to be quiet and move lots of air is the Caframo Sirrocco.

tomfl 12-05-2014 12:59

Re: Cooling fan
If you have any DIY skills computer fans are cheap and have a big advantage in terms of amps needed to run them.

Milan69 12-05-2014 13:03

Re: Cooling fan
I am useless at DIY, but thank you for the idea as it sounds good.
Caframo Sirrocco looks like a thing that might be what I need, thank you bgallinger.

bensolomon 14-05-2014 11:56

I installed 6 caframo fans in my 37.5 last july. We are in the chesapeake. I used the ones without the frame around them, mostly due to cost. They are slightly noisy, but move a lot of air. As for the DIY, they are very easy to install. Really, a piece of cake for replacing existing fans. Also, the ones i bought have a suction cup option, so I can "stick it" anywhere the length of the wire will let me.

When we are at the dock, i have a portable stand up a/c and a floor fan that we run in addition to the caframo fans. No icicles on our noses, but very comfortable for sleeping. The admiral is much happier, now.


Milan69 14-05-2014 11:58

Re: Cooling fan
Thank you Ben and please tell me do your fans run on batteries as well. Also could you send me a link or info for portable stand up a/c and a floor fan that you have as it sounds interesting.

bensolomon 14-05-2014 13:48

I may have misunderstood your battery question, so I am sorry in advance. The Caframo fans I have are wired to the 12 volt d/c battery system. I have a Haier portable air conditioner, i think 6000 or 8000 btu. I then place a household box fan in front of it to distribute the air (and keep the dog in the salon area).

I have a 1990 37.5 legend. I installed four of those caframo fans in the salon. Two were new, that I put in and it was a piece of cake. I just jumpered the power from where the light fixtures are. Also, i use suction cup on the hatch to direct airflow into the salon when the hatch is open.

I also put two in the aft cabin.


Milan69 14-05-2014 13:58

Re: Cooling fan
Thank you Ben, I appreciate your help.

bensolomon 14-05-2014 15:33

I will send you some photos next time i go to the boat. She just got in the water...i was down on Monday. I have been very pleased with the fans. In all fairness, they are louder than the other plastic ones that were OEM. They do work well, though. I purchased the ones with the cigarette lighter adapter to try it out first near the nav station. Then, I just cut off the cigarette lighter portion and hard wired the fan.


HopCar 14-05-2014 22:00

Re: Cooling fan
I have several Caframo Mini Max fans. They will run up to 300 hours at low speed on four D cell batteries. I bought them to use in my house after hurricanes when we don't have power for days. I've also used them on my boat many times.
Caframo Mini Max Fan #737, 737MM-BCS

Caframo also makes a smaller fan that runs on a single D cell.
Caframo Tiny Tornado II Model 827

Milan69 14-05-2014 23:27

Re: Cooling fan
Thank you Hopcar. How effective is this fan and can you mount it on a wall?

forsailbyowner 15-05-2014 01:49

Re: Cooling fan
Ive been using o2cool fans for a while now, they run off d cells or 12v. They are like box fans so theyre either hung or propped somewhere they wont fall. I typically put mine in the hatch overhead so it blows outside air in over berth.

msponer 15-05-2014 06:12

Re: Cooling fan
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We have a pair of 12 volts box fans that fit in the hatches. They work very well, the boat feels much hotter without them on calm hot days, but are an extra step to pull them down when it rains.

We also have a Calframo fan on the ceiling, by the hatch, that can swing out below it. It works well but doesn't move as much air as the big box fans.

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