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Alan Wheeler 19-01-2008 22:56

Tropical Cyclone
We have a tropical cyclone bearing down on NZ at the moment. It won't be major as far as wind goes, but it will be very heavey rain.
As you can see, the cloud is now covering most of the North Island. Seafox hightailed it home today and is currently waiting for the tide to get high enough to get over the bar . The edge of the cloud is just about right were he is. Hope you got your jacket of Darryl :-)
We are expecting a lot of rain here for the next couple of days as the centre of the low will come down to the east of the North Island and will come directly over us here in the South Island. If it continues to take it's predicted path that is. Don't worry folks, it is not like storms in the US. Most of these cyclones run out of steam once down here in the colder ocean and beome no more than deep depressions.
Hope Craig has his Rocna out.
I can only imagine Pete Wedderel will go off out sailing in this.

MarkJ 20-01-2008 01:55


Originally Posted by Alan Wheeler (Post 127387)

I can only imagine Pete Wedderel will go off out sailing in this.

That is a damn fine gentle storm to do exactly that. Wait till its gone past and slip out for a bit of heavy weather practise and practise with the para anchor. Its crumbling by the hour and provided you are in the top semi circle - ie after it had dropped south of you - you only have a day of so of briskish winds and they will be abating. Nice wave hight to start with too.
All in all a very nice day tomorrow for a sail. but just tomorrow as its moving that fast! 500 miles per day SSW.


seafox 20-01-2008 02:23

Great trip back across the strait today. 20k SW most of the way. Left Tory Channel at 1.30pm and crossed the bar at Mana at 6.30pm. No waiting Wheels! Had 300mm of water under the keel, only need a mm:)

supposed to only be 50knots on Tuesday.

Alan Wheeler 20-01-2008 11:20

Quite disapointing actually. I was hoping to wake to rain this morning. We really need it bad. It's blue sky and calm here.
Mark, Pete and Sue are "interesting" sailors. They will be just the sort of sailors that will be heading out when all are heading in seeking shelter. And on purpose, not because they didn't see the weather. But seeing as it is only 50kts, he may not bother. That's only a brisk breeze for Kiwi sailors ;-) :-)

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