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fastcat435 07-01-2008 10:40

The New Fastcat 405: Please Comment and Help Us Make the Perfect 40-41' Cat
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We are in the developement phase of a new 40/41 ft cat lightweight cat
( 3600 kilo ) ready to sail and I have attached the preliminary drawings and would like your comments suggestions etc.
One change that wil be made on the next drawing the seating inside will be squire instead of round to improve watch keeping and the possibility to make it into a third kingsize bed
The dimensions are 41 ft in lenght 23 ft beam and a draught of 3 ft 6 inches in the keel version or 2 ft in the daggerboard version
Thank you for your idea,s comments

tyrntlzrdking 07-01-2008 11:50

Looks nice
Is there a step down into the saloon from the cockpit?

tyrntlzrdking 07-01-2008 11:54

Will it be offered with a shaftdrive or is saildrive the only option?

schoonerdog 07-01-2008 12:04

What is forward of the heads? It looks like a solid bulkhead. I personally found that having two heads on an owner designed smaller boat is a bit of a waste. For a charter/owner boat it's a good idea. But for an owner, who 90% of the time doesn't have guests, I would opt for a larger head on the starboard side placed further forward to allow the expansion of the starboard cabin and a more usable head space with a larger dedicated shower. I'd rather have one really nice head than two cramped ones. I found even when I had guests on board our PDQ 36 they liked having a single larger head. For the forward compartments, if they have inside access port the best I've seen are water tight access doors. It allows the security of a solid bulkhead plus the convenience of inside storage.

Port forward I would put a multipurpose space which would be a workshop/office. Just about every cruiser out there has to make his own modifications to make a "garage workshop" in one of their rooms to accomodate tools and working needs. Its odd how so many people who design boats don't realize that the boats are constantly needing repair and a good toolshop. In that room ventilation and lighting are key, a desk/work platform with an opening side window would be very nice. In the central hulls on both sides I would put storage lockers.

The hulls might want additional ventilation and lighting forward of the staterooms in the form of additional and/or larger side ports. Top hatches seem to let in more heat than they remove but the one over the aft births is really a good idea for air flow and comfort when sleeping at night. Last a small overhang of the cabin top to help prevent leaks and reduce the heat gain.

I think it will be a good seller, there's a real need for a boat that's easy to cruise for empty nesters (retirees with grown up kids).

schoonerdog 07-01-2008 12:14

last, you'd never see this in a drawing, but putting the hatches on a small elevated lip standing proud of the deck is very important to help prevent a constant battle with leaks. Trust me.

fastcat435 07-01-2008 12:32

There will be 2 steps from the cockpit down to the saloon and the cockpit space under the floor will be open. to increase bridgedeck height.
We will not offer shaft or sail drive , green motion will be the only possibility so these will be retractable saildrives that come up under the bridgedeck as attached.
The spaces forward of the major bulkhead can be used in different ways,
workshop. extra bunk , separate shower , storeroom etc.we leave this for our clients to fill in.
All our hatches are always raised with 15 mm to prevent water coming in after opening always a problem.
We will use marguard in all the glass hatches , portholes and windows to prevent heat coming in and we will have forced ventilation like the st francis 48 / 50 having a hole for air under the trampoline that is vented thru out the boat so even when anchoring in rain fresh air can come in, for the rest the complete boat will benefit form the experience with the FastCat 435 so all lighting will be led or cold cathode.
all hull openings will be recessed, the complete boat and all parts will be epoxy resin infused and no gell coat will be used. to keep weight down as much as possible
It will be a challenge to keep the ready weight at or under 3600 kilo,s or 8000 LBS
but I am sure we will get there.
there will be hatches in the rear cabin under the outside seats facing backward.

scotte 07-01-2008 12:33

Will it be affordable? The current trend of expensive cats and focus purely on the high end of the market is frustrating...

fastcat435 07-01-2008 12:37

We are looking at Euro 400.000,00 ready to sail complete with genset electric propulsion a good set of sails autopilot radar gps etc
Unfortunately building lightweight is never cheap, it means using closed cell foam , epoxy , carbon fiber , kevlar, basalt fiber and because we resin infuse parts in an autoclave lots of labor and after that we postcure the complete boat in a oven and in the spraybooth it is spraypainted in awl grip

tyrntlzrdking 07-01-2008 12:56

Since this is to be a "green" boat without diesel engines, I am sure it will need wind and solar power.

I hope you are aware of Nanosolar - Home Page
Great way to keep solar power costs down.

Therapy 07-01-2008 12:58


Originally Posted by scotte (Post 123944)
Will it be affordable? The current trend of expensive cats and focus purely on the high end of the market is frustrating...

Me too!

I am on the list for the first free one (fastcat) though.

It would allow me to travel and sell them!!

fastcat435 07-01-2008 13:03

2 Attachment(s)
You are right we will use both solar and wind generation
at this moment we plan to put 4 x 210 wat solar panels on the hard top bimini and one masthead mounted wind generator like is seen in the attachement.
this should generate 6 to 8 kilowatts per day enough for all the normal energy needs on board including cooking. the retractable motogens will be able to generate up to 3 kw each per hour depending on sailing speed but once the battery,s are full they will be retracted out of the water

Brandywine 07-01-2008 13:25

Cost… cost... cost....

The market is dieing for a reasonably priced performance oriented cat, could there be provisions for double bunks in one hull.

Would a cat of this size and hull shape suffer with to much weight when it has been loaded for cursing? With my family of four I am planning on 5K to 6K lb of gear and provisions.

Seeratlas 07-01-2008 13:29

Instead of the smooth rounded foredeck, I would propose that you mold in some sort of lounge area, (to fit fabric deck cushions which could be used aft and/or taken inside when the boat is locked up. This forward area is a great place to lounge when underway in good weather and presents a lucky captain with females worth gawking at, to so gawk to his heart's content :) hehehe

not that I personally would indulge in such a thing....
btw, that reminds me,

does EVERY female on an aussie boat go topless? or does it just seem that way? heheheh


Seeratlas 07-01-2008 13:40

One other thing, are you sure you want to go with plumb bows? Something a little raked would serve to not only get you some anti-dive extra reserve buoyancy in the bows, but something raked and 'racy' looking would give your 'fastcat' a unique and agressive "look" in profile that would make it stand out from the increasingly clorox bottle looking cat crowd while reaffirming it's design as a FAST fastcat. Something looking more like the head of a shark than a fact, call it the "Fastcat 41 'Mako'" or something since the 'leopard' type cat names are already taken. something a bit sexier than 'the '41' ....heheheh


Therapy 07-01-2008 13:51

I have not used a large cruising cat yet so I know nothing.

I think I want a solid walkway to get to the center bow.

I think I would rather have more cabin and less tramp. I think the Privilege (is it?) is ugly but it has more cabin space.

I think the salon table of the Seawind 1160 is really, really well thought out.

I think the "green" things you are doing are well thought out and at least tested more than some others.

I keep thinking........but still know nothing.

Will I be able to meet you in Miami in Feb.??

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