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Randyonr3 05-01-2008 21:10

West coast storms
Electrict has been out for a couple days, just came back on, went for a drive today and saw a few boats on the rocks, trees are down and its really wet......
I,m talking about the storms that came through the San Francisco Bay area these past couple days.. I sailed into Sausalito last week and then all crap broke lose..
The winds at Angel Island were clocked at over 87 MPH and the weather on the VHF reported 22 foot waves every 8 seconds outside the gate...
A dive boat was pulled into the slip next to me thismorning and the guy spent a couple hours stuffing foam into the holes in the bottom where he went upon the rocks tring to save a boat..
And I lost a wind generator, My 4-winds secure strap broke lose and it decided to crank out some amps.. I felt the boat shake and I looked over at the amp guage for the wind generator... cranking out 25 amps.. that sucker was kicking tail.. before I could get up to tie it down, the support mast for the 4-winds had bent backwards over the boat at about 45 degrees...
As I looked out over the anchorage,(and I'm in a slip) I saw a number of boats laid over with the rigging in the water... not a place that I would like to be..........

rebel heart 05-01-2008 23:58

San Diego's been rolling a round a bit, but nothing crazy. 30k + last night, and some more rain tonight. The worst part for me was a leak that started dripping on my head. :-(

scotte 06-01-2008 18:55

It was quite a wild ride. We had one sinking and a couple tattered sails in our marina, plus a few boats that broke their mooring lines and caused or took some damage.

I crew on a boat up in Sausalito, so was there today for a race. A couple sunken boats in Richardson Bay. A SeaCamper up on a jetty (poor SeaCamper!), plus a few more boats run aground. Also several tattered sails and stories of more broken mooring lines.

The most I saw on our wind meter was 48 knots. That was just when we happened to be watching it and seems to be a bit of a moving average anyway. Reports are that gusts were to 70+. Glad to be done with that one, and hoping not to have that sort of ride again for awhile!

S/V Elusive 06-01-2008 19:32

32 foot sailboat broke loose from it's mooring in the Santa Barbara mooring field. Went ashore. :( sad sight.

Charlie 06-01-2008 21:39

I live up in the foothills. Lost power for twenty hours. Wind blew over a tree on the driveway. Had to move it witht he tractor to get out. Winds on the peaks were supposed to be gusts to 100mph. Admiral said she was glad we weren't at sea. Same with me.

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