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CptJ-GS50 22-01-2014 18:38

I'm A Newbie Today
Finally after 15 years of searching I found my retirement boat. A 1978 Gulfstar 50' located in Alameda. A pristine example (Forget the old Perkins) of one of the finest production sailing yachts ever made. (Personal Opinion) Purchased Dec 13, 2013 she is in the middle of being repowered with a new Yanmar 4JH4-HT. I have come to one conclusion though... When this is all finished I will probably be qualified for a government job with all the cost over runs and such. Almost afraid to answer my phone now 'cause it seems each phone call has an "Oh .... by the way, did you....." And, as each "Oh .... by the way" is explained all I hear is Cha Ching Cha Ching $$$$$$. Her name is Magic and she has been sailed extensively from SF to Mexico to Hawaii and back by the previous owners. And I intend to use that as a starting point.

Cap Erict3 22-01-2014 18:48

Congrats and good luck.

CptJ-GS50 22-01-2014 18:55

Re: I'm A Newbie Today
Thank you for the welcome. I hope to share some input into the forums with knowledge and humor. I have been on sailboat since I was 4 years old and hooked. The Gulfstar is my 4th boat and my Cascade 29 will be going on the market in the spring. I have 2 buyers in line now so it should be painless to move it to a new home.
Sailing experience; I began sailing on Lake Michigan and then made my way to Gulf of Mexico, Chesapeake Bay, to the San Juans and now SF Bay.

Engineer by education I love the aspect of McGivering things on the fly when necessary. (I think all of us sailors love that aspect of it)

pablothesailor 22-01-2014 19:00

Re: I'm A Newbie Today
Congratulations, have you some photos? :thumb:

CptJ-GS50 22-01-2014 20:05

Re: I'm A Newbie Today
Photo's you ask...:whistling:. I certainly have photos....I figured it out....Photo's should be attached. I also have some decent video of Seal jumping like porpoise around buoy 8. I will find it next.
Seems most of my files are to large... Grrrrr...resizing...

CaptainAR 23-01-2014 01:25

Re: I'm A Newbie Today
Hello and welcome glad you are here.

SkiprJohn 23-01-2014 14:37

Re: I'm A Newbie Today
Aloha and welcome aboard!
Congratulations on the new boat. Was that a Perkins 4-236?
Good to have you here and I'd love to hear of your refit.
kind regards,

HappyMdRSailor 23-01-2014 15:25

Re: I'm A Newbie Today
Welcome to CF Cap'n J!:thumb:

I guess you might be an Oldbie with your experience!:D

dharma 23-01-2014 16:39

Re: I'm A Newbie Today
Congrats. Can't wait til I find my retirement boat.

CptJ-GS50 23-01-2014 18:56

Re: I'm A Newbie Today
Thank you for the welcome. I am seriously thinking about writing a short story about the repower project and title it "So You Think You Want To Buy A Boat". It is all going very well and I can see the end is near. This has been quite the journey and this leg is only just beginning. Today I got the new prop ordered 3-Blade 23x16 blanced and matched to the Yanmar. Contracted a diver to install it. The engine had the wrong transmission on it and I have a new ZF-30 being flown out of the factory in Italy on 2/15/2014. Soooo....."Magic" is sitting at the dock all set up and waiting for the install now. Next on my list is the fuel tank. Grrrr....the previous owner has used a 25 gallon day tank for the last several years. He has no clue how much fuel is in the main tank or how long it has been there. (Hell, I am 650 miles away directing this project). So I have Marine-Lube (from the bay area) going down next week to check it out for me. Previous owner suggest I polish the fuel before using the tank but uhmm... D'ohh I am thinking it is probably a Bio-hazard Sludge in the bottom of the tank. (Once again Cha Ching Cha Ching $$$$$$) But, that should be the last step.
My engine installer called me twice a day to update me and when he pulled the engine he had to diaper it. Seems without running for 3 days it was leaking from every seal. He removed 12 gallons of a tar substance from the bilge and that explains to me why the bilge pump float switch was disconnected. A positive addition here, (I like to look at things in a positive manner) The new Yanmar will only weigh in at 462 lbs. and he pulled at least one toolbox worth of tools out of the tar/sludge. I bet she will sail so much faster now. She appears pristine in most every sense of the word as long as the engine room doors were closed. Truthfully I have sailed and been on sailboats for 56 years now...(Since 4 years old) and I have never sailed a vessel as fine as this one.

CptJ-GS50 23-01-2014 18:59

Re: I'm A Newbie Today
Ahhhh Mai Tai's....that and some sunshine would do me a world of good. Throw in a white sandy beach, turquoise waters and a nice reef to dive and.... (Ok now I am getting greedy). One Mai Tai please.

I will try to continue my posts on the engine install as it move forward...

CptJ-GS50 24-01-2014 10:46

Re: I'm A Newbie Today answer to your question is was an Oil Thirsty Perkins 4.154. Leaking from every seal. I don't thing the La Brea Tar Pits has anything over the shape of the bilge. To bad my engine installer forgot his camera on this one. I might have qualified for some government "SUPER FUND" clean up $$'s.

HappyMdRSailor 24-01-2014 11:16

Re: I'm A Newbie Today

Originally Posted by CptJ-GS50 (Post 1448616)
Ahhhh Mai Tai's....that and some sunshine would do me a world of good. Throw in a white sandy beach, turquoise waters and a nice reef to dive and.... (Ok now I am getting greedy). One Mai Tai please.

I will try to continue my posts on the engine install as it move forward...

Stop by the store on your way to the boat when you arrive... :D

SkiprJohn 24-01-2014 13:52

Re: I'm A Newbie Today
Your interior space from Cascade 29 to Gulstar 50 is a huge step up. Do you plan on using crew?
I am familiar with Perkins oil leaks on 4-236 and 4-107s. You'll be able to keep your sump a little cleaner.

CptJ-GS50 26-01-2014 20:47

Re: I'm A Newbie Today
Yes the interior space will be quite a difference and I am looking forward to it. I plan to sail with a crew of two though I have a long list of would be passengers at this time. There are a few changes I will be making on the running rigging to make it easier to handle from the cockpit but they are minor. Also I am considering a bow thruster to ease some of stress in the swift current docking situations we can face in the Columbia. I have also helped a lot of people out of situations in the Astoria West Basin and the Port of Ilwaco. There is a good reason the Columbia River Bar is called the Graveyard of the Pacific. No matter your experience level....when the wind kicks up....docking can be a touchy situation.

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