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Wolverine 04-12-2013 01:59

Dutch Harbour
I am planing to go to the Aleutians starting May 1st. and returning Oct 1 st. Has anyone done this? Any advice? I have been improving the boat since I bought it.
I have new sails, lots of new wiring, new dingy,wind generator,batteries, alternator, heater, windlass and so on. I fabricated a new aluminum dodger this spring.I have new survival suits, and am about to buy a life raft. i have a personal locator.

Kevin84 04-12-2013 13:50

Maybe add an EPIRB. I it my be slightly redundant if you have a PLB, but in those seas I'd want the extra capability of the EPIRB.

Wolverine 04-12-2013 18:31

Re: Dutch Harbour
The manufacturer promises that this replaces a conventional EPIRB. I'm dubious myself.You get one test when you register, and that worked. Do you have a life raft? Anyone have a life raft?

delmarrey 04-12-2013 20:18

Re: Dutch Harbour
What the hell is in Dutch Harbor that would attract a tourist? :confused:
I hope you like cold wind and rain! It very seldom gets over 60º F.

Just stay out of the bar(s), unless you like a good fight. :whistling:

avb3 04-12-2013 20:27

Re: Dutch Harbour
Perhaps staying the obvious, but have you strengthened the standing rigging? How old are the chain plates? I would probably upsize the wires by one size.

Wolverine 04-12-2013 20:51

Re: Dutch Harbour
North West rigging in Anacortes Wash replaced all the standing rigging. They said " that rig is as stiff as a telephone pole" I feel pretty good about it. I have been out in sustained winds of 50 knots with it and while the seas were not too bad, (in two storms) the rig seemed fine. On another subject, I moved the controls from the cockpit to under the dodger so that if the cockpit gets flooded it won't affect the wind generator switch, teach, oil pressure gauge, etc. I'm also about to increase the cockpit drain size from 1 1/2 inch to 4 inch.

Thanks for your input

Ocean Diamond 2 04-12-2013 21:22

Re: Dutch Harbour
Hey What about one of those radar reflectors that are incased in plastic or even just the old push together type up a line or side stay?

Wolverine 04-12-2013 21:33

Re: Dutch Harbour
I had two of those tubular encased ones. Both deteriorated in one year. I find that they are not required when you have so much rigging. I have spoken to boats in fog. One could see me 12 miles away without the reflector. radar is so good these days. So…. I don't have one.

Thanks for the suggestion.

CarlF 04-12-2013 21:54

Re: Dutch Harbour
No difference in signal between a PLB and a EPIRB. The PLB's have a shorter battery life (24 instead of 48 hours). If you're not picked up in 24 hours in Alaska, I don't think another 24 hours is likely to matter.

I carry two PLB's instead of an EPIRB. Electronic things don't always work.

Be sure to have a spare waterproof handheld VHF radio - or two.

AiniA 04-12-2013 22:11

Re: Dutch Harbour
Life raft for sure, if not survival suits, then wet suits or something similar if you have to ditch.

Kevin84 04-12-2013 22:15


Originally Posted by AiniA (Post 1407460)
Life raft for sure, if not survival suits, then wet suits or something similar if you have to ditch.

That neck of the woods, a survival suit is a must. A standard wet suit won't make a bit of difference in that water. For your liferaft, make sure it's enclosed. Not open to the elements.

akfish 04-12-2013 22:48

Re: Dutch Harbour
Hey Wolverine, on your way to Dutch stop in at the town of Sand point on Popof Island,( part of the Shumagin islands) tie up in front of us (F/V SEA KING) and I'll give you some king salmon. There's always one or two small sailboats that come through there, I was talking to a guy last summer that did a 3 year trip around the south pacific and was heading back to Homer.

p.s. oh ask for tom

Wolverine 04-12-2013 22:54

Re: Dutch Harbour
I have two of the latest and greatest survival suits. They are very cozy. I have two hand held and two installed vhf. as some Sage said "the most important piece of safety equipment is…. your brain" If that's the case, I may be in trouble.

akfish 04-12-2013 23:02

Re: Dutch Harbour
Most all the low's move fast and there's lots of places to hide along the way down the peninsula.We had to replace most of our survival suits after the cost guard shredded them when testing, good

rw58ph 05-12-2013 12:33

Re: Dutch Harbour
Why would you want to go to Dutch Harbor? Its basically a cold/damp rock! Heck the Everett Commercial fishermen only go there if they have to for fuel and supplies.:rolleyes:

I would not go any further than maybe Glacier Bay and even then it not that impressive. Its a dirty old glacier and you have to make reservations and pay to enter the park. If you are looking for the majestic mountains/scenery the Southern Alaska and BC Canada has all of it. :thumb:

Now if you want to be able to pound your chest and be able to say “I sailed to Dutch Harbor” then go for it. :viking:

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