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Greg B 09-08-2004 09:18

New Inverter Question
We are normally on shore power but before we head south this fall I want to install an inverter so that I can maintain refrigeration (X3) without always running the genset. I've determined that all three draw about 1100 watts so a 1500W inverter will handle everything.

I have two 8D house batteries. If I wire the refrigeration directly into the inverter then from now on both the friges (2) and seperate freezer (1) will always be on the inverter.

If thats not desirable then I suppose I could install some kind of selector switch like the one that switches from shore power to gen power and use it to switch the frig/freeze from inverter to shore. Or is it ok to just leave it hooked to the inverter forever?

I could just use the genset to charge the batts like I do now although they charge from the engines when we're underway (Twin diesel trawler) or from shore power when we're at the dock.

Is there a way to figure how long my batts will handle this inverter draw on a full charge assuming good batts? I imagine it would shorten the batt life some but that's just a guess. How have others dealt with this?

Any input / Ideas

Thanks Greg

exposure 09-08-2004 10:58

I have a seafrost engine driven refer/freezer that also has a separate 110V shoreside compressor. The 110V unit runs through a Trace 2500 watt inverter/charger and works just fine. The inverter is bypassed automatically when plugged in to shore power. I have only run it for a few minutes when not unhooking from shore power before I remembered to turn it off, and it seemed fine. The previous owners said they ran the refer for about four days on the inverter. The boat was at the dock, and someone unplugged the boat from shore power while they were gone. It was still running fine when they got back, although the batteries took a hard hit.


CSY Man 09-08-2004 12:37

I happen to have an inverter for sale, A Freedom 25.

2500 watts, BUT it is a 24 volt unit..Not sure if ya can use it..?

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