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Seaworthy Lass 14-10-2013 14:42

Mouthwatering Boat Recipes (mainly plant based)
Send me a PM if I have missed including any of the recipes in this thread. The # refers to the post number. Enjoy :).

Notes: It is much easier scooping or spooning ingredients out on a boat rather than weighing them, so over the years I have converted most of my recipes for this reason.
In my recipes 1 cup = 250 ml (a standard metric one)
A US cup is only about 240 ml. None of my recipes require a great degree of precision, so this difference in cup size will matter little.

Soup is made to fill a 3 litre pressure cooker to the maximum line.

I season dishes with freshly ground salt and pepper to taste. Himalayan pink rock salt is a favourite. Quantities specified are only approximate (I use minimal salt, so you may need more than the recipes specify). Generally when I use stock cubes or soy or capers, added salt is reduced or omitted.

I use extra virgin olive oil almost exclusively for cooking instead of butter. Try and source the best possible quality (low acidity). Aim for 0.2-0.3 %. The flavour is superb then and the oil lends itself well to cakes, sauces, dips and dressings. The oil also then has a higher smoke point and can also be used for stir frying if the temperature is not super hot (don't let the oil smoke). Stored in a dark cool spot (I use the bilge) it will keep happily for a couple of years.

These are mainly plant based recipes, but occasionally dairy products have been used. They are generally only optional extras, so if you are vegan please turn a blind eye and just omit these :flowers:.
Where a recipe specifies 'milk', this can generally be whatever you prefer: almond, rice, soy etc. Honey can be substituted with pure maple syrup.

Apricot jam #811
Apricot, nectarine and lime jam #1214
Banana chutney #118
Beetroot chutney #406
Blueberry jam #1181
Harissa (chilli paste) #976
Lemon extract #629 & 631 & 646 & 647 (continuation)
Mandarin & ruby grapefruit marmalade #531
Mango chutney #410
Moroccan lemons #692
Moroccan spice mix #379
Nutritional yeast feedback #1087 & 1096
Peach and apricot jam #964
Peach chutney #428
Preserved lemon juice #648
Rempah #1042 (not vegetarian)
Tomato and walnut pesto #1041
Sweet chilli sauce #685
Vanilla extract #629 & 646 & 680 & 773

Huevos rancheros sauce #994
Lemon tahini dressing #756
"Monkey gland" sauce for burgers #1199
Orange tahini dressing #790
Rempah (spice paste) #1042 (not vegetarian)
Teriyaki sauce #582
Tomato and walnut pesto #1041

Apple almond-oat crumble #644
Apple 'cake' baked oatmeal #339
Bircher muesli #67 and 69
Carrot 'cake' baked oatmeal #344
Chocolate almond baked oatmeal #356
Granola (stove top) #316
Granola (oven baked) #334
Granola (tropical) #1206
Mixed grain breakfast pudding #357 & 358
Muesli bars (chewy) #438
Paleo porridge #392
Peanut butter oatmeal #338
Super smoothie #258
Weyalan's breakfast of champions #682 (vegetarian, not vegan)

Apple curry garlic & onion soup #8
Beetroot soup #514
Borscht #110
Brussels sprouts soup #1107 (vegetarian)
Butternut pumpkin & ginger soup #472
Carrot & ginger soup #542
Cream of broccoli soup #564 & 569
Cucumber soup #4
Ecuadorean style quinoa and vegetable soup #568
Fasolada (Greek bean soup) #3
Gazpacho (very easy and very good) #563
Gazpacho (gourmet) #855 & 858 & 863
Green pea and split pea soup #780
Lentil & orange soup #1099
Mexican gazpacho #860
Mulligatawny #161
Mushroom soup #502 & 507
Pea soup #464
Peruvian quinoa soup #619
Potato & leek soup #510
Pumpkin & red lentil soup #2
Tom Yum Kung (hot sour Thai prawn soup) #828 (not vegetarian)
Tomato soup #26 and 82
Tuscan cannellini beans and kale soup #519
Watermelon gazpacho #283 & 880
White bean & mushroom soup #518

Aloo (spicy potatoes) #36
Aloo gobi (spicy potatoes with cauliflower) #575 & 663
Aloo mutter gobi (spicy cauliflower and potatoes with peas) #703
Aubergine curry #795 & 861
Bagna cauda (Italian garlic dip, non vegan) #548
Bean sprouts #606 & 1165 (translation of Jedi's method)
Beetroot stew a’la bourguignon #777
Beetroot with walnut pesto #277
Bhindi masala (okra curry) #687
Broccoli Chinese style #1070
Cabbage & onion curry #689 & 693
Cabbage baked with thyme #479
Cabbage in tomato #132
Cabbage with ginger and coconut milk #501
Cauliflower au gratin #468
Cauliflower cashew topping for casseroles #659
Cauliflower roasted with Buffalo sauce #555 & 572
Cauliflower roasted with lime and curry #621
Cauliflower roasted with teriyaki sauce #554
Chestnut stifado #1149
Chinese chop suey #1162
Chinese stir fry #734
Chinese style fried quinoa #282
Corn Chinese style #1064
Corn quinoa cakes #1075 (not vegan)
Crispy smashed potatoes #543
Curried veggies #136
Curry green bean salad #1193
Easiest way to cook wheatberries, farro, barley etc #766
Eggplant in mushroom and cashew sauce #873
Eggplant stroganoff # 844 & 845
French grated carrot salad with lemon Dijon vinaigrette #847 & 850 & 851
Greek salad #418 (not vegan)
Greek vegetable dip #354
Greens with sumac #627
Guacamole #543
Huevos rancheros #723 & 726 & 994 (vegetarian)
Horta #711
Imam bayildi (baked eggplant) #836
Mango coconut chutney dip (vegetarian) #409
Meatless meatballs (mushroom and nut) #129
Mediterranean quinoa salad #1073
Middle Eastern stuffed cabbage roll #672
Moroccan stuffed tomatoes #1098
Mushroom & caramelised onions with grains #1093
Mushroom and tomato topping for bread #162
Mushroom quinoa burgers #458
Mushrooms - roasted escargot-style #546
Mushrooms with soy #306
Olives marinated with rosemary #660 (leave out anchovies if vegan)
Onion bhaji #695
Pan roasted tomatoes #1019
Pasta Alfredo, cauliflower based #1080
Radicchio, pear and walnut salad #285
Red pepper and aubergine curry #657 & 658
Ruby coleslaw #971
Sage and onion bake #505 & 506
Simple cucumber salad #393
Sprouting instructions #605 & 606 & 1165 (translation of Jedi's method)
Stroganoff #936 (not vegan)
Sushi #540
Sweet and sour courgettes #383
Sweet & sour stir fry #615
Sweet potato with burnt sage butter #558 & 587
Thai crunchy salad #1050
Thai green ginger curry #735 (not vegan)
Thai peanut butter dipping sauce #405
Thai "Stroganoff" #947
Tomato medley #281
Vegetable curry #1192
Vegetable risotto #491
Vegetables au gratin #1121
Vegetarian paella #1139
Veggie burgers #1198
Veggieducken #523
Vietnamese noodle salad #305
Vietnamese rice paper rolls #286
Waldorf inspired salad #279
Walnut and paprika sauce #186
Watermelon salad #437
Wild rice salad with radicchio, apricots and walnuts #593 & 897
Zucchini/eggplant (courgette/aubergine) crisps # 956 & 978

PULSES (beans, lentils, chickpeas)
Baked beans (vegan if you leave out the bacon) #62
Barley salad with orange ginger dressing #335
Beans in lemon dressing #59 and 73
Cannellini beans with greens #671
Chakalaka (South African beans) #90
Chana de Gitana #1233
Chickpea and potato curry #19
Chickpea balls (falafel) on a salad bed #294 & 295
Chickpeas with tomato, peppers and basil #219
Chili con veggie #463
Chili with beans #1225
Coleslaw with peanut and sesame dressing #499
Dhal #21
Garbanzo-beet salad or "outoffreshveggiesbutiwantasalad" #354
Ginger and orange quinoa salad #303
Goof balls (vegetarian not vegan lentil rissoles) #175
Houmous #302
Italian stew #562
Lemon and leek barley #346
Lentil cacciatore #400
Lentil, herb and avocado salad #292
Mango and chickpea salad #278
Meatless meatloaf #122 and 145
Meatless loaf #883
Mexican black beans and quinoa #918
Mjadarah #382
Moroccan chickpeas with apricot and almonds #743
Moroccan lentil stew #381
Moroccan red quinoa and chickpea salad #304
Mung bean and potato curry #165 and 167
Potatoes with peas & mint & chickpeas # 280
Pumpkin chickpea curry #674
Punjabi rajma (kidney bean curry) #713 & 715
Quinoa and black beans #107
Quinoa & black bean burgers with corn salsa #263
Red cabbage and coconut coleslaw #276
Roasted sweet potato & chickpea salad #287
Spelt & chickpea salad #664 & #667
Strawberry spring salad #343
Summer salad #439 & #448 & #762
Tabbouleh with quinoa & chickpeas/beans #261 & 1040
Tasty oven chickpea snacks #288 and 289
Tofuken #1226
Tomato and lentil base #380
Vegan fajitas #307 and 308
Walnut falafel #403
West African peanut stew #35

Paneer #1176 & 1185

Guisado tropical whimsy #1230
Nasi Goreng Jedi #1221
Dried cod fish recipes #1187
Sticky based chicken wings #1234

Irish soda bread with sultanas #475 & 478
Jamaican roti #791
No knead bread (AKA best ever bread) #1231
Oatmeal bread #454
Olive oil pastry #547
Pizza #47 and 57
Pizza (easy version) #168
Pizza (gluten free) #150
Pizza toppings #166
Pizza base (quick with beer) # 872 & 876
Pizza base (quick with yoghurt) # 879 (not vegan)
Pizza base (with beer) #935
Pizza bianca #877
Rye bread #14
Sopapillas #793

Apple almond-oat crumble #644
Apple torte #9
Apricot delight #401
Avocado icecream # 985
Brown vs white sugar #1036
Brownies #104
Cardamom orange loaf #772
Choc-orange truffles #412
Chocolate almond cookies #182
Chocolate cake #973
Chocolate mess #15
Chocolate oatmeal raisin cookies #22
Coconut almond chocolate chip icecream #989
Cranberry choc jammies #291
Date, walnut & honey cake (for when you have fallen off the wagon) #364
Ginger snap cookies #995 & 1005 (not vegan)
Gingernut bikkies (a work in progress) #1018 & 1020-1027
Grilled nectarines with muddled mint #807
Healthy brownies #359
Lemon drizzle cake #111
Lemon ginger drops #1056
Lemony ginger cookies #78
No-bake peanut butter bites #424
Orange almond cookies #218
Panforte #266 & 1150
Peanut butter oatmeal cookies #430
Self raising flour #889
Stewed apple #5
Truffles #386

Crème de Cacao (chocolate liqueur) #669
Daiquiri #648
Kalhua (coffee liqueur) #636
Lemon Liqueur #629 & 631 & 646 & 647
Pinolillo (Pinole) #1229
Super smoothie #258
Tonic syrup #754

Note: The Lemon Drizzle cake and Zucchini Chocolate cake recipes were moved to another thread, as they were not vegan and mutiny was threatened :). The yummy Beetroot chocolate cake is there as well:

Seaworthy Lass 14-10-2013 14:42

Vegans Make Good Lovers
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I personally have a very mixed diet, but it tends to be essentially pescetarian. Some days it is vegetarian or even vegan. Socialising, anything goes (food wise that is) :). Many vegan recipes are brilliantly suited to cruising, as lots of the ingredients keep for months and months without refrigeration, even in summer.

Some of my favourite vegan recipes are soups so I will kick start this thread with the one made today. Even my meat loving husband made a lot of mmmmm noises consuming this tonight :).


2 onions, peeled and roughly chopped
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
3 pounds (1.5 kg) pumpkin, peeled and roughly chopped
1 mug (8oz) red lentils, rinsed
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
2 vegetable stock cubes or a little salt
Approximately 4 mugs of water

Sauté onions while chopping pumpkin.
Add the rest of the ingredients in a pressure cooker.
Bring to pressure, turn off and leave for several hours.
When needed, puree with a stick mixer and reheat.
Serve topped with pinenuts or chopped walnuts.

Excellent with warm homemade bread and more olive oil for dipping.

I will add more recipes tomorrow, as it is bedtime here, but I hope lots of people will chime in with their favourite recipes and provide all of us with new ideas and inspiration :thumb:.

Seaworthy Lass 15-10-2013 01:12

Re: Favourite Vegan Boat Recipes
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This is a Greek staple, particularly during Lent. Variations occur from island to island (one I have come across included the juice of several lemons and no tomato).

This particular recipe came from the isolated island of Pserimos (population of around 150) in the Dodecanese when we anchored on the southern shore a couple of winters ago. A taverna owner shared her family recipe and gave me a lesson in making dolmades (they can be made meatless). The pressure cooker method is mine.

Anyway, it is very yummy:

FASOLADA (bean soup)

500g (1 lb) pack of navy beans
1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil
2 onions, peeled and roughly chopped
6 cloves of garlic, sliced very thinly
4 carrots cut in slices
2 potatoes, diced
2 celery stalks if available
800g tin of Roma tomatoes, roughly broken up in the tin
1 tbl dried rosemary, finely chopped
1 tbl dried thyme (most of the islands here are covered in thyme)
6 bay leaves
2 vegetable stock cubes or salt as required
1 teaspoon finely ground black pepper
1 teaspoon chilli flakes

Handful of finely chopped parsley

Soak beans 8 odd hours in roughly 3x their volume of water.
Rinse well before putting in a pressure cooker, covering with water.
Bring to pressure, turn off and leave an hour (or overnight if cooking them at bedtime), strain and rinse.

Rinse the pot and sauté the onion and garlic.
Add everything but the parsley.
Bring to pressure, turn off and leave at least several hours.

Add parsley when reheating (Greek basil is good with this and prolific here, although the Greeks seem to rarely use it in cooking).

This is a hearty meal in itself, with the hint of chilli giving the rich herby flavour a subtle kick:

carstenb 15-10-2013 01:33

Re: Favourite Vegan Boat Recipes
My Vegan friends love it when I make

Cucumber soup

Peel cucumbers and put into blender.
Crush some garlic (to taste) and put into blender
Crush some chili pepper(to taste) and put in blender
salt and pepper (to taste), put in blender

Blend until smooth

Seaworthy Lass 16-10-2013 03:40

Re: Favourite Vegan Boat Recipes
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Almost too easy to need a recipe, but stewed apples (and rhubarb) may be something cruisers have not considered making. When sealed while piping hot in glass jars it lasts for at least a few weeks unrefrigerated (I haven't tried longer). It is great for breakfast, dessert or even a snack.


- 6 large apples (any kind or a combination, Granny Smiths are lovely and tart, but don't hold their shape as well)
- 1/2 cup water
- Juice of one lemon (needed to stop the apple darkening)

Peel and roughly chop the apple, tossing in the pot with water and lemon juice ASAP after cutting.
Simmer for 5 minutes (not critical).
Spoon into clean, dry glass jars and seal immediately.
(I no longer worry about sterilising the jars as I have never had a problem with it going off as long as it is spooned in while boiling).

We are heading off for 2-3 weeks where fresh provisions will be difficult to source (we prefer isolated anchorages), so the boat is well stocked up on apples at the moment:

barnakiel 16-10-2013 06:23

Re: Favourite Vegan Boat Recipes
Boiled rice is OK but no good for your stomach.

I like red lentils boiled and dressed with pimenton dulce de la vera / onions / etc. Minimum fuss, maximum taste.

It isamazing so many people cook by recipes. We just go for it with whatever is at hand and things seem to work this way too.


Seaworthy Lass 16-10-2013 06:47

Re: Favourite Vegan Boat Recipes

Originally Posted by barnakiel (Post 1366281)
Boiled rice is OK but no good for your stomach.

I like red lentils boiled and dressed with pimenton dulce de la vera / onions / etc. Minimum fuss, maximum taste.

It isamazing so many people cook by recipes. We just go for it with whatever is at hand and things seem to work this way too.


I tend to find I get stuck in a rut unless I get ideas from others (particularly with combinations of herbs and spices as I have my favourites). Recipes like the above few I posted are very uncritical when it comes to many of the ingredients and I had to think about quantities before writing them out :).

I find photos help too when it comes be being inspired. I will try and photograph what I make when it is plant based and add this to posts here.

avb3 16-10-2013 07:07

I'm with the crowd that looks what is in the pantry or fridge. Then take a look at what kind of spices I may have, and see what the hell it results in.

I come up with some pretty weird concoctions at times , some of which I would do again.

As example, one of my favorites is an apple curry garlic and onion soup. I often get strange looks when I mention it, however it is delicious.

Ingredients are simple, apples, garlic, onion, salt, curry, and perhaps red peppers. Spices such as tarragon etc. maybe used to taste.

Caramelized the onions, then add small cubes of apples and a whole bulb of garlic, add water, boil.

Substituting oranges for apples doesn't work.

Seaworthy Lass 17-10-2013 01:37

Re: Favourite Vegan Boat Recipes
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Autumn lends itself well to apple recipes and after a hot summer where I have only been inclined to use the oven a minimum amount, the smell of apple and cinnamon wafting through the boat is a real treat. With a crunchy walnut cinnamon topping, the combination of flavours and textures in this recipe is perfect. I put a pot of coffee on as I took this torte out the the oven this morning. Warm cake and coffee are a match made in heaven :).


1/2 cup stewed apples, mashed with a fork (see previous recipe, or substitute with a mashed ripe banana)
2/3 cup soft brown sugar, packed
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
Juice of one lemon
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1.5 cups cake flour
1 heaped teaspoon baking powder
(Optional: add a handful of rum or brandy soaked sultanas)

Handful of walnuts, finely chopped
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon (or ginger)
1 tbl soft brown sugar
2 apples (not Granny Smiths as they go too mushy, Fuji are good)
Juice of one lemon
1 cup water

Whisk first five ingredients together.
In a separate bowl sift the flour and baking powder.
Mix sugar, nuts and cinnamon.
Peel, core and slice apples thinly and immediately soak in lemon and water mix to prevent them from going brown.
Gently fold the flour into the whisked liquids, avoiding over-mixing.
Spoon into a lightly oiled round silicone cake pan.
Drain the apple slices and pat dry (I drink the apple liquid infused liquid)
Arrange on top of the batter in an overlapping ring pattern.
Sprinkle with the sugar mix.
Bake at 175C for about 40 minutes.
Wait at least half an hour before turning out (I learned this the hard way LOL).

I usually throw an egg into this recipe, but tested it today without. It worked beautifully, the cake mix was just a little less light, but that is not a bad thing for a torte.

Coops 17-10-2013 01:49

Re: Favourite Vegan Boat Recipes

Originally Posted by barnakiel (Post 1366281)
Boiled rice is OK but no good for your stomach


May I enquire as in what way? Bad for it or just makes it big?:)


Seaworthy Lass 17-10-2013 03:49

Re: Favourite Vegan Boat Recipes

Originally Posted by Coops (Post 1367020)
May I enquire as in what way? Bad for it or just makes it big?:)


I think white rice causes constipation, but that may be more info than most people want to read on a recipe thread LOL.

If you have lots of my pumpkin and red lentil soup it at least fixes the problem :D.

Coops 17-10-2013 03:54

Re: Favourite Vegan Boat Recipes
Never had that effect on me, white rice not your soup that is, but then, I may be weird in my make up.:thumb: Not that kind of make up, that's only on friday nights.:rolleyes:


avb3 17-10-2013 08:52


Originally Posted by Coops (Post 1367076)
Never had that effect on me, white rice not your soup that is, but then, I may be weird in my make up.:thumb: Not that kind of make up, that's only on friday nights.:rolleyes:


I knew we suspected something about you !!!!

Seaworthy Lass 17-10-2013 22:21

Re: Favourite Vegan Boat Recipes
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For all you lovers of bread, this is a brilliant recipe and easy to make on board. The coffee and cocoa give it a rich darkness.
Nick (s/v Jedi) perfected the recipe and posted it here:

Makes a 2 pound loaf

355ml can of Guiness beer
1.5 tbl olive oil
3 cups white bread flour
1.5 cups rye flour
3 tbl sugar
2 tsp coarse salt
1 tsp caraway seeds
1 tsp instant coffee
1 tsp cocoa (real, not sweetened or fantasy)
1.5 tsp instant yeast (keep yeast clear of salt)

Nick makes it in a Zojirushi bread maker using this method:
Tip beer and oil in the pan.
Add flour and the rest of the ingredients.
Use whole-wheat program.

My Greek version is made using Mythos beer and only one tablespoon of sugar as I prefer bread less sweet. I have no breadmaker on board, but it comes out perfectly kneading it 10 minutes by hand. I prove the yeast with a teaspoon of sugar and a quarter of a cup of warm water first, as summer's heat can kill yeast easily here, and checking beforehand that it is active saves disappointment later. Unless I am making it in summer I leave it to rise until doubled in bulk with the help of a hot water bottle (the extra warmth is essential for success). Bake it in an oiled silicone tin thickly dusted with flour and with more flour sifted on top. It needs about 50 minutes in a hot oven.

Thanks for sharing your recipe with the forum Nick!

This loaf of rye using Nick's fail-proof recipe needs nothing else other than being dipped into extra virgin olive oil to enjoy it while warm, but when it comes to toppings, the sky is the limit :):

Seaworthy Lass 18-10-2013 22:57

Re: Favourite Vegan Boat Recipes
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This must be the easiest 'chocolate' dessert of all time. I have this daily and it is a totally guilt free way of enjoying the taste of chocolate (not that 'guilt' and 'choc' are two words that should ever be associated :D).

You need to be a lover of bitter dark choc to enjoy this and the better the quality of the cocoa, the more decadent the taste. The banana is essential - it provides the necessary sweetness and creamy texture, but any other soft fruit can be added as well.

My favourite cocoa is Green & Black's organic fair trade. It is available from Amazon UK with free delivery to Greece, so I stock up when in a settled anchorage during winter and can take delivery easily. Interestingly it is nearly four times the price through Amazon US.

Green and Black's Organic Cocoa 125 g (Pack of 6): Grocery

I am open to suggestions regarding the name of this staple. Titles were never my forte. 'Mess' comes to mind as that is how I look with my face covered in choc after I have licked the bowl clean :D.


1 heaped tbl cocoa powder (preferably 85% cocoa)
Boiling water
1 ripe banana
1 kiwi (or other soft fruit such as apricot or peach)
Optional: nuts

Mix enough water into the cocoa to make a thick sauce. Leave to cool (it will thicken further).
Finely dice the fruit and mix in well.
Top with nuts if you like (I usually prefer this unadulterated :) )

Feb 2015
Edited to add: I have been making this almost daily and now find the boiling water unnecessary. Just mash the banana and cocoa together. I often add a little ginger powder or a drop of vanilla essence. I usually throw in a few pieces of chopped fruit (whatever is in season and on hand - apple, grapefruit, orange, apricot, peach etc). It tastes like chocolate fondue :).

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