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Janny 30-11-2007 07:58

Naming the boat?
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K, I know this might sound silly, but we can't come up with THE name for the new old boat. Yep, we close on the 41' Tartan Tock today :D

Since it's so unusual, we want an unsual name but not one hard to pronounce, lol. Can y'all help? What kind of name would suit her?
We have a conglomeration of names such as:
Big Tock
Dream Tock
Arcturus "bear-guard"
Alcyone "queen who wards off evil [storms]"
Pleione "sailing queen" (pronounced 'plee OH nee')

Any votes or ideas?? Did y'all have this problem?

Here she is in her new home in St. Augustine at Hidden Harbor Marina.

mickmul 30-11-2007 08:04

How about "Jock's Trap"? Scottish sounding if not too rude. . .?

jdoe71 30-11-2007 08:26

Tick Tock?

swabbmob 30-11-2007 08:45

I like Bear. Simple, but plenty of connotation.

Very cool boat by the way.

Janny 30-11-2007 09:05

"Jock's Trap"? how can one say that with a straight face :rolleyes:

Keep them coming, we did think of Tic Tock! Bear was Ed's favorite dog.

Thanks guys, we are so excited about her! Her album--we plan to keep track of her progress and will be needing lots of advice, I'm sure. He wants to completely rewire and can do carpentry and all--refrigeration is another story!

rebel heart 30-11-2007 09:11

Big Tock. You can name the dink Little Tick.

mickmul 30-11-2007 09:18

Sorry, Couldn't resist the humour with the scottish tartan thing going on! If Bear needs to be considered how about "Bear Away" a nautical term, and also suggesting Bear will take you to exotic places?

Randyonr3 30-11-2007 09:24

Naming your boat should have a multiple meaning in the title tof it.. I recently saw a boat named "Recess" and it was owned by a teacher. another First 42 was named
"French Maid". and the story goes on..
Ours has a bit of a story, S/V-R3. A few years ago a good friend and relative of ours, My wifes sister pasted away, leaving us a piece of property inwhich we sold to help purchase our FIRST 42. She was an Accountant. My wife is in management and I'm building inspector.. All three of us deal with numbers daily, and our names,
Randy, Ramona, and and the one we miss dearly Rosie...
So the name came about, R to the third Power........

Seeratlas 30-11-2007 09:39

Hmmmm, I'm in St. Augustine as I write this LOL. Are you there off of King Street?

As for helping with names, might help to know a little bit more about you, your interests, occupation, avocation etc. Naming a boat is a very personal thing. After all, you really aren't trying to please anyone but yourself. :)

Nice looking boat :)


sailorgal 30-11-2007 09:44

Reminds me of a story a friend tells. Many years ago, he helped a friend of his do the "cementing" on a ferro cement boat he was building. Since it all had to be done on the same day so the cement would cure properly, they had a whole bunch of people helping. It was a very hot day, and the owner of the soon-to-be ferro cement boat provided everyone with copious amounts of hydration -- mostly Rolling Rock Beer. At the end of the day, it was decided that the boat should be named "Rolling Rock."


mickmul 30-11-2007 09:46

A guy in the town of Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland has a company called Bandon Office Supplies. His boat is named Abandon Office!

Seeratlas 30-11-2007 09:50

One of my all time favorites was a boat called "Illusion" , the dinghy was named "Reality". lol


rebel heart 30-11-2007 09:57

My dad said when he was in the Marines they would often go to the Ground Ordinance Launch Facility, which of course meant they were going GOLFing.

mickmul 30-11-2007 10:14

Tock/Tick has connotations of time. . . what about the old Latin "Tempus Fugit" meaning time flies??

Janny 30-11-2007 11:00

This is fun, keep going...I'll bet he likes Bear Away.

Seer, we were there most of last week and will probably go next weekend, sadly we're back home, I love St Aug! Are you in Hidden Harbor (off King) also?

About us, Ed dreams to sail the world when he retires in 6 years, he's an engineer for a utilites company. He loves to work with his hands and can't wait to give her a makeover. He used to race a bit when younger and now wants go wherever he likes with room for more. Since his name is Strong (and he is), I suggested Strong Tock, but he won't hear of it! I like the Tock names, they sound like Talk--Big Tock, Dream Tock etc. And me, I'm a newbie sailor learning lots here, I go where he goes, but can't wait to entertain on it, we have a lot of friends!

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