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Roy M 13-10-2008 17:52

I love this forum.

roverhi 14-10-2008 00:01

Good old Heinz salad mustard. It ain't pretentious but you can't beat it on a Ball Park hot dog.

Peter O.
Pearson 35 #108

imagine2frolic 14-10-2008 05:26

A local mustard to this area is DATLDO, or something like that. Delicious, and in many flavors. Makes great basting sauce too for BBQing!!!!!!!!!!

mike d. 14-10-2008 06:03

check out Raye's Mustards in Eastport, Me. on line. they have been in business since 1900. oldest factory in U.S. many flavors all made right there. worth a visit if anyone gets up that way

imagine2frolic 14-10-2008 06:15

Datl Do-It Products

For the locals here's some information.

Talbot 14-10-2008 07:44

Some of those sound really interesting.

Perhaps we should open this thread a might to include the sauces that people think should be present in the galley, either as flavours for the cooking or as condiments for the table.

Here are my contenders:

Soy sauce
Teriyaki sauce
Oyster sauce
Lea and Perrins Worcester sauce
Sweet Chilli sauce

skatastrophy 14-10-2008 08:20

Oh man, Sriracha takes the cake in my book. Nice and spicy!


r.furborough 24-10-2008 16:08

Coleman's English Mustard for me.......

bobfnbw 20-12-2008 00:54

I prefer the grainer style mustards, but the original grey pupon is good as well.
guldons brown mustard is fine too.
But the kids won't touch anything other than the plain jane yellow mustard.

Love the stuff.

Adaero 20-12-2008 02:06


Originally Posted by r.furborough (Post 218268)
Coleman's English Mustard for me.......

Another vote for Coleman's here too.
We carry it in both ready mixed in a jar and also in powder form. It's a lot hotter than your standard yellow mustard in the US but a must with any form of beef.

Happy Christmas to you all

SouthernComfort 20-12-2008 09:24

Hmm, Zataran's Creole Mustard on my boat right now. Also like Tabasco brand spicy mustard.

Cheechako 20-12-2008 11:06

Ahh, the french islands have so many good mustards and Pate'...............

Tempest245 20-12-2008 13:18

Guldons Spicy Brown what I carry... essential for bloody marys
as is Worchester sauce.

Wasabi....for that Tuna catch!!....

Soft Air 20-12-2008 14:04

Besides the Estragon Austrian Mustard available online at the link below my boat cannot sail without also carrying a good supply of Choulula :)

Taste of Austria -- Estragon Senf Mustard

Cholula Hot Sauce

forsailbyowner 20-12-2008 14:13

Koops horseradish mustard here

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