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marlinmike 03-12-2013 09:11

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by scoobert (Post 1405137)
She will stay, as will the dogs

Living the dream

boatman61 03-12-2013 09:16

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by hellosailor (Post 1405908)
Hey, Boatman !
"Turn off the computer and walk outa your front door..."
Why waste time with the computer, if you aren't going to stick around for the electric bill anyhow? Whaddayou, an environmentalist or something? <VBG>

LOLOL... reminds me of a time when sitting at a bar with 6 other over 60's and one was complaining that he bought a boat expecting hot chicks to be swarming all over him... but in reality not even a sniff... what was he doing wrong..
I told him his first mistake was... wasting time sitting round with a bunch of other old bastards complaining...
Like that book say's... 'the lord helps those who help themselves..':D

scuba0_1 03-12-2013 10:28


Originally Posted by scoobert (Post 1405872)

If you cannot do as you have been told, your not welcome to call yourself crew on my boat. Its that simple. I welcome passengers. Me and the wife can dock just fine without help, every time. Calling herself a crew gave her a small share of expenses. VS a set rate for a passenger. she knew very well how to affix a dock line, we had that training on day one. she knew how to tie a bowline before we left the dock. she knew man overboard drills the first day in the river. If i "bark an order" (my wife's words) that's because it needs this is the to be done. If i tell you to do it, its because you know how. I made this clear before we left the dock with her. Lazyness struck her on day 3....

for the control issues, everyone is different.

Wow a share of expenses vs passenger lol. Ok now I have to say this is ridiculous everyone I invite on my boat is welcome to help or enjoy the ride. Not there to work. I am going anyway...

annsni 03-12-2013 10:52

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by scuba0_1 (Post 1405963)
Wow a share of expenses vs passenger lol. Ok now I have to say this is ridiculous everyone I invite on my boat is welcome to help or enjoy the ride. Not there to work. I am going anyway...


And I'm so grateful my husband is gracious enough and patient enough to allow for us to make a mistake once in a while. We've been cruising for 20 years and I still sometimes mess up my dockline tying.

No wonder SIL left. I don't blame her.

scoobert 03-12-2013 12:17

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by Alecadi (Post 1406049)
And I thought you were cruising on a sailing boat for pleasure and fun... My mistake... :-)

indeed i am, with my family, but my wife still has jobs to do, as do i.
no trip is ever free. sailing (while owning the boat) is hard work, long hours, and about the same as a full time job when boats are this large. when i bought her, i signed up for a full time job. thats how it goes.

some days i dream that i could be happy on a free abandoned boat, with free sails, dock lines for halyards and sheets. ahhh, how nice it would be to not worry about water in the deck, engines running low on oil, or will a 45# anchor hold. i envision myself on a 23' boat, going about mexico, with nothing for people to steal that you could not replace for free. alas. i was raised on modern conveniences, refrigeration, steak in au jus, showers with warm water, radar in fog, computers at anchor.... so no. not happening.

boatman61 03-12-2013 12:19

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
How perspectives change over time....:D:D:D:D:D

The Garbone 03-12-2013 12:24

I don't know. Once it starts to get warm (90's) if you forego air the hot showers. A cold shower at dusk and a nice fan are pretty nice all things considered.

Throw in a 5 gallon cask of ice water and a cooler of beer and goodies and what else do you need besides good company?

scoobert 03-12-2013 13:06

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by scuba0_1 (Post 1406107)
I like taking people sailing to introduce them to what I love to do.

Everyone loves different things. i would not ask someone to come flying with me, even if they love it. i know its not for everyone. my passion is family. (now) i want my family to see the world with me, i don't care if we are the only sailing family in the world. i don't need to convince others to come do it (thou it appears i have helped one person follow their dreams).

as i said, if someone wants to come do a passage with me, they must contribute. money or skills. i do not care which.
i have taken people sailing for free, but just for a day...

boatman61 03-12-2013 13:27

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Live free or die, for death is not the worst of evils.
I have sailed >100 miles in the last week, have you?

I sailed 765 miles in 3.5 days... have you...:whistling:

Sorry mate.. to good to pass on...:D
PS; That was 1930 Nov 11th- 0900 Nov 15th

Richard5 03-12-2013 13:33

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Benevolent leader <---------------------------> tyrannical dictator

Somewhere along that line is the captain. The placement is different per each boat and each captain and perhaps changing from one moment to the next with the same captain. Of course, the behavior of the crew influences how the capt reacts. Yes, the capt does react...unless he is such an uncaring SOB that he is willfully ignorant of his crew.

But never is it tolerated that the directives of the captain are undermined by any other person. Yet if he desires to keep a crew he must maintain them in somewhat a state of comfort without ceding his authority. It can be a very fine line at times.

I've physically shoved crew off the deck when they stated in no uncertain terms they would not lend a hand (absolute refusal) and would not even leave the cockpit after repeated command while in the midst of some hairy situation. I've also changed destinations simply because one mentioned they've always wanted to visit a place we would be passing along our route even though standing offshore some distance. The aim is to make it fun but never does the captain share or assign his final authority with others.

Scoob has his way as should every person who is in the position of ultimate authority. Whether his way sits right by another person is not his concern. Such a person has the choice to not ship out on his vessel.

I'd much rather prefer a strong captain who carries the confidence necessary to be decisive. The aftermath will reveal the quality of his decision making. If it continue to work out then it is a pleasure. But a bad turn after a bad turn weakens morale and puts into question the safety of crew and ship.

Coops 03-12-2013 13:35

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
1930....... How old are you Boatie?:D

Sorry mate, too good to let go,;)


Richard5 03-12-2013 13:40

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
I also meant to say there is the 'make do' with what is available. The internet makes it too easy to solicit advice from others. Few seem to just cast off with what they already know.

boatman61 03-12-2013 13:41

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by Coops (Post 1406137)
1930....... How old are you Boatie?:D

Sorry mate, too good to let go,;)


Been around since the dawn of time...:D


feels like it...:rolleyes:

Richard5 03-12-2013 13:48

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL
Like an oyster accommodating a grain of sand in it's midst, we also accommodate to what each of us consider as 'normal'. One who continually makes mistakes has adapted to the lifestyle which results. There is a measure of success in that even though another may look upon that one as stupid or a whole host of negative perceptions.

WebWench 03-12-2013 15:48

Re: Transit Time? NY-FL

Originally Posted by scoobert (Post 1406117)
its ok, time has proven otherwise. 31 years, doing most of it without help.

And there you have have said it yourself!
Many times when you end up having to do it all yourself it is because you are not using the right approach or management skills to motivate and inspire those around you to actually want to help you!

A good captain, manager, boss, supervisor knows not only how to command others but how to treat them so that they want to be commanded, will do their very best and have the utmost trust and respect for the one giving the orders.

I think this is what you have to figure out if you want to be a really good captain of the ship! Other wise, you may end up alone and the only one to shout orders to and put blame on, will be yourself.....:viking:

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